Cashless Society


All of the said “myths” became reality as time went on to bring out some genius ideas out of the minds of people and electronic money was one of them. Making a cashless society may have been a myth but now as we progress along every dimension like cyber-security, identifying real bank accounts and almost providing internet at no cost really are big steps to a myth of cashless society. Paper money as of now is deeply rooted in our governance whose pockets can’t be filled just by an electronic money as paper money has it’s own weight not neglecting the recent introduction of new technologies in our country’s rural areas. Hard but surely a path to a glorious end.

A nine-member bench of the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgment unanimously declaring the right to privacy a fundamental right under the Constitution. Privacy had emerged as a contentious issue while the apex court was hearing a batch of petitions challenging the Centre’s move to make Aadhaar mandatory for government schemes. The privacy debate is not easy to follow. Distinctions are made between what individual privacy means when it comes to the government as opposed to private players such as Google and Facebook. Taking and analyzing the data of all the audiences and using it to serve better is what these private sectors do but actually, your data is being sold to many. There is a lot of hideous things and less knowledge available to people.

Taking up the actual meaning of net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. It is not like one Internet service provider supports Facebook and provides free internet access is actually gaining control over the use of the internet. Digital India a dream high on the way is being handled good but still, due to many network providers, there is hold on the internet market. It is less unknown fact to people that net neutrality is one of the main factors holding back to a digitalized world and until the people themselves won’t try to understand it’s effect nothing would change t will become stagnant after a certain period.


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