Caste Dichotomy- Humanity My Caste

                    Caste dichotomy

It’s a very sensitive issue but then also I am taking dare to write something about it. I always think writing is one of the best power through which one can short out eternal conflict of once.

Like that too, today I will try to sort out inner paradox related to caste difference.

When I was little boy, who knows nothing about this demonic world used to hear this word “CASTE DICHOTOMY” or “CASTE DIFFERENCE”. At that time, what a little boy will do, just simply put big smile in his face with unprecedented truth. And when that little boy grows up and become capable to digest meaning of topic, it almost broke his moral and strength. And put him in an unprecedented abysmal phase.

Let me ask you all a simple question.

Who are we?

Your answer will be that we are humans. Okay!!!

How we humans are different from other animals of planet? And what make us so formidable?

You know, we human are so formidable that we put lion, tiger, cheetah in cages in zoo.

That what I intended to know. What make us so much powerful?

According to me, “BRAIN”.

God had given us such a great paraphernalia in picture of brain that by using that we humans are ruling over this earth. So this was the point that makes difference between us and king of forest.

But why humans are divided in terms of caste?

Are there any RFID tags are available which discriminates us?

No such tags are present.

But according to one point this demonic society of humans divides children of god. That is “MONEY” or “RICH AND POOR”.

When our great constitution was writing, it was kept in mind of constitution maker that some humans are prohibited from basics facilities and to give feedback to those persons some advantages are given in name of RESERVATION. And of course, that was needed but now scenario has been changed.

This reservation in term of caste difference is definitely not required at all. It is required but in terms of financial condition of individual.

There are still lots of impoverished family which needed feedback and support to live comfortable life in our country.

Day by day, India is becoming country of RESERVED one not for DESERVED one. Of course, deserved one are disdain by India. Not given proper place in best colleges and government jobs. Then what they will do. Will leave this country. And will become part of other country’s development.

One simple line, I read in one book that CHINA is among great power of this world because of one simple stuff. They fully focus on HUMAN RESOURCE. I think, this is the success mantra of them. They prompt to people to be great developer, doctor, educationist and businessman y providing ample of opportunities.

In this simple stuff our country/motherland lacks. Once it was known as golden bird but that golden bird had been hunted by many.   

 You might be in thought that the topic was caste difference but I took you all to reservation path too. Because I really feel myself to be in perplexed stage. I feel all these stiff to be interconnected.

Caste Difference, Gender Difference, Corruption and Scandals, these all stuffs are nothing just black spot of our demonic society which can’t be removed so easily.

I know only one point, just one point that are society is in perilous situation, whether perfect measures have not been taken at right time. Then nothing will be left.

NO GOVERNMENT NO LAW can bring changes. In fact, it’s only you and you who can bring changes.  


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