Catastrophe of words


Catastrophe of words

The current generation has been misusing mental health terms. Depression is one such word which has been misused the longest, along with bipolar and OCD. People are unable to differentiate between a depressed mood, state or just a stressful day. It is a desperate measure of the times, to grasp attention by using such terms. But the downfall is, the word loses meaning until it becomes just a sound. At the same time, we need to delve into the reasons behind such a surge of these terms being used so casually. The world has not learnt to cope up with demanding situations yet it has increased the pace of life where competition has become a sole bread winner. Maybe the children or adults using these terms have been neglected by our system for so long that they resort to ways of seeking warmth or kindness much more than medical attention. We need to understand the underlying factors of this upsurge and address it before stress turns into anxiety and panic, sadness turns into depression and loneliness gives way to suicides. There’s a thin line between deviancy and normalcy and I believe niether should be neglected.

– Anupma Singh Dhar


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