Changing Lifestyle and its various Effects on Health

In this fast pacing life of 21st century, in the rat race of earning money, getting in the first position and becoming successful people hardly have enough time to spend on themselves. We are the generation who has almost seen the change in the lifestyle with the change in the way of world. Competition increases and the availability of jobs decrease. People chase money more than their need and even those who achieved it and give the name of “fulfillment of dreams”, remain broken and mentally unsatisfied. Don’t you think that we are lacking something in this rat race? People at a very young age are dying or remain depressed. Even Social Media has contributed in a massive way in this ever growing artificial world. Social Media is a platform where almost every people’s life portrayed seems perfect and happy. Comparing to the lifestyles portrayed on these platforms can be toxic and hazardous. Studies show that people who use these kinds of platforms more have diagnosed by the symptoms like lack of self-confidence, self-loathing and depressions. Mental health, which used to be the most neglected sector of doctors in earlier times has now become a vital sector of concerns for the doctors and as well as for the people.


Let us now analyze various health problems that are occurring because of the changing lifestyle:-

1) Pancreatitis/Liver Diseases/Cancer:-

    These diseases are most common and popular ones and maximum people are suffering from this. These mainly occur due to the over and repeated consumptions of alcohol. People now a day makes it a fashion and style statement to have “drinks” without paying much attention to its long term effects and eventually get addicted to it. Although a large amount of people “drink” in order to release their stress. Alcohol acts in the central nervous system making people feeling numb and temporarily gives rid from the pain. This proves to be extremely hazardous in the long run and these people become prone to cancer and liver diseases.


2) Obesity:-

    Due to tight schedule and lack of time most of the people finds it difficult to carry food from their homes and as a result they end up having junk foods, which are almost like a poison in this modern times and very naturally they end up having obesity. Junk foods with lack of exercises can be as deadly as taking cyanide. Obesity is the main cause of almost all diseases like heart problems, hypertensions, arthritis, different pains in the joints of body etc. a daily routine of workout and proper diet is strictly recommended.

3) Diabetes:-

    There is a saying, “each and every success and achievement comes with a cost”. As you will promoted to the higher ranks and will step up in your career, your responsibilities and tensions will also increase and will eventually leading you to diabetes. It’s very hard to have a proper and disciplined lifestyle. Having high blood sugar level can make your kidney damage and eventually you will end up in dialysis and it is indeed life threatening.


4) Behavioral changes:-

    This is one of the most neglected health effects and even it is not considered as one. But according to my opinion, it is the most crucial one. The more your lifestyle is haywire and undisciplined the more it will affect your mood and your interactions with society and family. As a result your allover health will degrade eventually.


5) Mental Health/Depression:-

    Last but not the least, the most important health hazard that the people are silently suffering are depression, anxiety etc. which are to be greatly concerned about. If your mental health is not right, happiness will be a difficult proposition to you, and then it will eventually reflect on your social and professional life. Stressed and disturbed mind can only degrade your health and cannot take you to any heights. There are several therapeutic center situated across the country where one can always look up for help. Moreover, I believe a person should always start the day with meditation.

Following a bit disciplined lifestyle (although a very tough proposition), can lead you to a better life even in this competitive era.


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