Childhood : Recollection or Resurrection

  1. All of us have moments in our childhood where come alive for the first time and now we go back to those moments and realize “this is when I actually AM MYSELF”. Kids as known to all are cranky, stubborn, and the list goes on and on. They are a totally different world of their own. Childhood memories are either the fondest ones or the ones that you dread most all to remember. They carve your soul; their force has an impact greater than other memories. The force of these memories also suggest that the roles of parents and teachers are ever so vital in the life of a small child. The idea of childhood is more or less associated with its memories only. Since childhood memories shape our lives and make us who we are, being the ones that will stay etched in our minds for all time. What you learn as a child stays with you for life. Therefore, carving the bad memories for children has terrible repercussions in the future. Each of us has nostalgic memories of childhood tucked away in the scrapbook of our mind. To think back of all one loved as a child immediately gives tremendous pleasure which is insurmountable. This pleasure not only makes you feel happy but it makes you feel alive all of a sudden as if there is no problem in your life. It almost works as a source of healing. This revival of children memories makes you feel that there is no pain or stress left in your life. As in Wordsworthian terms, childhood, as a recollection, brings forth the process of healing and overcome your sadness and struggles of adulthood. Furthermore, if childhood is seen as gainrising completely. Childhood can not solely about its memories but the memories attached with one’s childhood are the ways in which you become resurrected everytime you remember them. We all must have encountered our parents or grandparents often getting nostalgic when they are reminded of anything related to their childhood. No matter how much old your grow but the bitter sweet memories of childhood never fails to make us ponder over those happy days of life. It could be totally seen as resurrection which prepares you to deal with your everyday struggles of life and yet keeps you alive by giving birth to a stronger version of yourself. The lessons learnt during childhood always paves a way to solve any problem in your life. They make you help to learn and grow further. Childhood, therefore, can’t be taken for granted but must be given greater importance than any other phase of your life. Adulthood can only be successful if you have had a meaningful and inspiring childhood. That’s how childhood shapes you into a better person though it often makes you feel regretful that you have grown up now. Sometimes, it also doesn’t let you accept the fact that you have grown up. This transformation into an adult is a bitter truth and is the only outcome of childhood. We can’t remain children forever like Peter Pan nor we can just sit down and resign ourselves to growing older and sadder. In this way, childhood encourages us to gather our courage and strengthen ourselves by contemplating over life with fortitude and not being end up being a despondent. If your carry your childhood with you, you will never feel old. And that’s the beauty of it!

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