Chocolate, Junk or Fruits?

Are you worried that you will be diverted to that hot chocolate smell coming from the near coffee shop? Have you just got on a diet? Does your mind force you to eat sweets and junk?

I say yes to all the above questions. My mother is so tired of seeing be sad at the end of each day I start and think to diet. I feel so foolish to start eating all the wrong and not listed foods in my diet.all the wrong and not listed foods in my diet. When I end up eating 15 times the carb I take every day. Why are those smells so luring? Am I so unstable that to a little smell of chocolate compromises my strongly promised diet? What if my mom gives up encouraging me to stop eating carbs. I know I have hyperacidity but still!!! 😉 My doctor has prescribed me to eat at least 2 fruits every day which I eat after eating a chicken extra cheeseburger and a beverage. OH GOD! That’s so wrong.. I know but the smells we sense while cooking is so traumatizing. I have this best friend who always warns me not to eat but also spends some money to eat along ( gives an excuse that I would stay longer and talk ). Fruits are tasty too but:’(. Promises and excuses such as Kelsey Pakka diet are long gone. Weight and the size of my waist have increased. But still, I do n’t realize.

My kinda diet is like the way to harsh and I do not even want to prescribe to anyone. Coz If I am not following it no one should. Just kidding. NO! I won’t say. Those were the days when I used to think of my crush who had a great physique and I too had maintained one cutting of all the deliciousness in my diet. My waist size too was 28. Not now! 2 years ago. Now it’s just 32. People like me cannot follow a diet properly.  But from tomorrow I am going to follow my diet…… 

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  2. I am impressed with this site, rattling I am a big fan .

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      Chunchu Harsha Priya DarshiniNewbie
      2018-10-12 at 19:33

      Hello Marjory Schrank. Feels so good that you like the site. Please stay tuned for more interesting writings.

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    Yerramsetti SriganeshNewbie
    2018-10-12 at 21:10

    Well! Interested good keep moving.

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    Chunchu Harsha Priya DarshiniNewbie
    2018-10-13 at 01:56

    Thanks 😉 Ganesh…

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