Coaching Institutes: Money making monsters


Commercialisation slowly and stealthily has crept into education, and  the coaching institutes have mushroomed all over the country churning and spewing mostly irrelevant matter. Education made a man, and a man is made in the school he attends, for it is very basis of his character formation. It is a temple of learning for him, when he comes on his tottering steps to kindergarten and leaves with mature steps after class twelfth. He is armed and equipped with knowledge to take on and face the challenges of the world. 

On the other hand, are these coaching institutes mushrooming to every nook and corner of the city flaunting their various assets. There is a coaching institute, you could name for everything, for CAT, MAT, engineering , aspiring MBAs, doctors all flock to them without even checking upon their credentials. Parents buckle under the pressure of their children, they want to join these institutes just because their friends joined them, and once you pay for the whole year and enter the premises the student is in a great shock, the course content is absolutely sub-standard and the teachers are poorly qualified the students just go there for the heck of it. The rich students are flaunting their latest electronic gizmos to others. They are partying, merry-making, having a ball of time, doing everything except studying.

If you want to withdraw, forget it! You will never get your money back because your fee slip that “the fee is not refundable” and the poor student is in a soup. Have you heard of quota? Is it an eye-opener or just an eye-wash? Do read, Chetan Bhagat’s, ‘Revolution Twenty-Twenty’ that will give you a clear scenario of the current situation. Our school teachers are just like our guardians, if we try sharing our problems with them, then we might solve a lot of problems and students perhaps won’t need a coaching institute. Most of these coaching teachers are students themselves, so you can imagine the standard of education they offer. According to latest surveys, the students of China don’t go to any coaching institutes yet they have proficiency in every subject, then why do require a coaching institute for our kids.


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