College Societies: The truth


After done with 12th, everyone has great expectations, about their dream colleges, which they had been listening and have been thinking about it.

Some of us want to act and some want to go on an adventure, whether it’s your fear or your passion.
Clubs and societies in colleges are there to fulfill this purpose.

What is society? What purpose do they fulfill? How, they affect the environment around college? What benefits do they provide to our college? These are some basic questions that should be understood before pursuing our main topic the should to the above clarify the clear meaning behind it.

So a society is built for purpose of fulfilling a role of mentorship, providing a path for new recruits of college, while maintaining a helping environment whose collaborated effort provides many aids to the college and becomes a valuable asset.

Besides being able to meet new people, joining a society on campus can provide you with valuable skills that can make you a more attractive job candidate or a well-rounded individual.

But it’s not true for everyone in the college. As per old saying, Every coin has two sides. The societies in our college to have some cons.

The members of a society one have to go through different stages such as. Group discussions, Personal interviews or Fieldworks. The mentors selecting the candidates should select on basis of representation, interest towards society, talent and eagerness to learn new things. But it is not the case.

The society heads only select the one who over showcases their talent and can make a name for their society higher by their work. The one who maintains good connections society seniors get a place in heads in next years.


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