College, the insight story of a parallel universe.

We humans are optimistic and passionate enough to chase after our dreams turning them into reality, so much that we stepped on the moon successfully which was only a fragment of thought before. With so many advancements in space technology, every scientist is working on theories day and night making things happen unimaginably fast with regard to almost defying the laws of physics, time and the huge jar of other guidelines one can only imagine. But, what if I tell you all this is achievable by a human having total disregard to science, space and technology? What if the time taken to reach the moon is technically way more than reaching a parallel universe? Stepping into a different universe is possible inexpensively without time travel. If all this is blowing off your mind and you’re probably rolling your eyes, let’s shoo the elephant, shift gears and come right at point.
Universe, occupied with space and tremendously giant elements like galaxies, space, weird black holes and billions of stars. To your notice, there is a mock universe around most of us, having the same contents but on a lower scale, although appealing and fascinating. Every element inside that universe revolves around you. Being a miniature particle inside the universe you don’t carry the least idea or sense of understanding of what you see. It’s as fascinating as the real universe, you’re inseparable from your universe, that you step into every single day, where you sleep over desks, complete assignments before deadlines, practice for annual fests and mark proxy for attendance for your friends! Yes, your university, college, that huge campus with catchy libraries and auditoriums and basketball court, that is your universe. Universities and colleges play a very important roll in a students life. If universe is scaled down to a jar, the students will be equivalent to small particles inside moving and tossing from places. Students are small stars moving around college, dealing with every single part of the college. Being a part of college, keeping aside the education you came for, the first and foremost thing you need to deal is with the transition from your current universe to the new universe you are about to step in.
Your current universe consist of beautiful collection of people, memories with them and familiar things around you that you see everyday, like your study table, your books with scribbled back pages and your amazing bed where you spend most of your time thinking about getting back to studies. Shifting from everything you’re so attached from deep within your nerves, to an unknown universe where everything seems clueless, because your vision isn’t accustomed to adjusting immense change in the environment. Your college itself has an environment, that students have to adjust to for living seamlessly and comfortably. The college vibe, hundreds of youngsters having different personalities, different opinions, some of them become your close friends, then your new family. College becomes your new universe which has complete different set of people you need to deal with, spend the most crucial years of your life, together. Spending this high time around unknown places without a clue is like hovering a paint brush over a canvas. You have no idea what to paint, how to use the canvas, brush, what are you doing sitting infront of it absolutely clueless?
It’s a big deal, but don’t worry. 
What’s your future in this new barren land that you stepped in signing a three year deal for?
Let’s get you a new perspective and set priorities, there are things to settle up and some of you need guidance for that, push towards the right direction so that you adjust to those drastic nerve wrecking changes. It’s imperative to make students believe that life isn’t the same as it was back in home, the steering wheel has been taken, and digesting the change before they set themselves in the back seat before it’s too late to retaliate from the small silly mistakes. There are various factors a student should keep in mind before and after they enter their marvelous “universe” of universities, colleges, dealing with assignments, writing down notes and do crazy stuff like bunking lectures because they are so boring sometimes. Let’s just hope you don’t skip any lecture !
Breaking the bubble. 
Let’s take a moment and talk about you, you’re young, passionate, floor cracking confident, thrilled and excited start a new journey of your life, college. Things done in excitement often crash because of little silly mistakes, here we’re talking about your career hence every step taken should be well thought of, Wrong decisions totally change your maneuver throwing your career into the lane you never wanted to travel on. Students are high on adrenaline as soon as the boards results come out. Scoring upto the mark then like a free bird flying over applying for the best colleges according to the their official er, fantasizing how cool, interesting, independent their lives would be. I know, being one of those students who submitted admission forms and got selected into huge private universities, that enthusiasm and shock of walking into a huge campus for the first time and  spending most of your time inside the campus with your batch-mates for the next three or four long years. All of this sounds fantastic, until you realize where you walked in isn’t meant for you. Your campus maybe the most attractive, photogenic education institution ever, but maybe you’re not interested in what you’re studying there. It totally goes off your path contradicting your passion, and slowly your focus and determination fades away.
Don’t let yourself melt by looks!
Yes, it takes time to believe and adjust with the fact that you shifted your life to your dream college, following with strings of experiences with unknown people and environment which needs a new mindset to dive into. But it’s impossible shifting into a college where the education isn’t your piece of cake. You can change your mindset, personality according to the environment and let yourself blend into the culture and trends, but adjusting your passion according to the course you never wished to pursue is almost like killing a free bird. Important and imperative it has become to take necessary steps before you judge a college by how big and awesome the campus looks. Looks are deceptive, a books content may not be as amazing and attractive as it’s cover, the same way the campus may look the best just like in your dreams, but may not be as fascinating and fruitful as it looks or proposes to be. What you may see is a giant amazing fresh fruit, but the moment you peel is off and see what’s inside, you know you made a bad choice and you need another fruit!
Quality education is all matters.
The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive. The college which looks good may not have the best faculty, and the college having cracks and crevices may have the best faculty with quality education. Education is one important tool to leverage yourself above from everyone who doesn’t have access to it. You have to choose where you need education from, a university, college is that platform providing everything you need.  While you choose colleges, your views about colleges are based on what the official websites portray, which always looks almost intriguing and unbelievably outstanding. The websites are meant to look attractive, because that’s how they reach out young aspiring students, who check out these websites to take admissions. Hence the catchy phrases, past results, college rankings, and positive comments from pass outs, which overall gives a positive and “go for it” impression to every student who at first didn’t want admission, but now they do.
Get in touch with students in college. 
The reviews and catchy lines portray a sweet image of the college, but you cannot believe and go with what the college says about it’s education quality since what portrayed may not be the same in reality. If you want to know which colleges have good education, who else other than the students itself giving you insights about their colleges. You have to dig deep into the web and find students of colleges you’re interest in, approach them and ask them every detail about the college. Enquire about the teaching quality, all sorts of college events, functions. Keeping a check on the environment and insight of the college is more important and crucial criteria for understanding whether that college is of your interest and benefit. Analyze and review the college environment and decide if you can fit into, somehow if not perfectly. Fitting in perfectly into a new universe is not possible since there are different elements, most important the people around and culture, hence the last point!
Socialize and stick to people who motivate you!
You get more comfortable when you make friends with same qualities, likes and dislikes, and if making good jokes are equally hard for them too, you college life will be miserable and a roller-coaster ride of lame dry puns! Seriously, meeting people that can understand you totally and likewise, makes your daily life relaxing, happy and fun going. Being alone and confined to yourself, your brain collectively thinks a lot more about petty issues, which results in having too much stress and overthinking. Be surrounded with people who give out positive vibes, make you feel special, help you in your hardships, take care of you when you feel low and at last, who can complete your assignments when you’re on a holiday. Assignments are an inescapable part of your life and you just have to complete it before the deadline, you’re layers of laziness must be shredded so that you can cut off the burden of dealing with a huge stack of unfinished assignments. Therefore,once you enter into your college, create a family of your own kind. Those who treat you like a family will pick you up, when you drown yourself into a situation.
At last, moving miles away from the universe you were born in, to a new city, or a country, or a continent, is a huge deal. It’s almost like entering a parallel universe. You need courage, motivation, dedication, plan to work everything out smoothly. Fall upon where your passion changes into your career, hard-work put in the right place will slingshot you towards your dreams. Only it needs perseverance and patience for it. Things will feel easy and effortless if you smile all way through! All the best and I hope my views do get you into a better place.

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