In today’s world of modernism and western culture, couples have come out from the shackles of orthodoxy and expresses the beauty of romanticism in an explicit manner. We see couples spending their quality time at parks, theatres, malls and many more places. Apart from this, the practice of sex too has become common, especially among youths. It is evident that sex is the basis of life without which life could not have exist. Out of curiosity, love or for fun, sex has become quite normal nowdays. However, the irony is half of the population lack the basic knowledge of having sex. Under the influence of porn, people frame certain imagination within their mind & tries to implement them on their partner, completely forgetting it’s side effects and significance. Improper knowledge or the slightest mistake during having sex can lead to life risk problems which are then difficult for rectification.
The strangest aspect is, people prefer to have sex but feels shy to purchase a Condom. Why? One should never be ashamed while buying a condom. Every person has sex in his/her lifetime. It’s stupidity to have unprotected sex which is unsafe. Therefore, buying a condom doesn’t spoil your ethics or personality but ensures that you are responsible and cautious for yourself and your partner. Condoms are extremely helpful as it has numerous advantages. First and foremost, it prevents pregnancy thus controlling birth control. Secondly, both the partners are saved from transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. However, knownig each and every element, people still feel shy to buy condoms keeping in mind what others might think or say and thus prefer unsafe sex. This practice invites serval problems. Consumption of contraceptive pills and the rate of abortions have drastically increased nowadays which has a tremendously negative impact on the fertility of females leading to turning them infertile.
Condoms also give pleasure while having an intercourse. Males who suffer from premature ejaculation also gets benefitted by using thick condoms as it delays ejaculation. It’s fact that though we dwell in the 21st century, society still live with conventional thoughts and practices. Government organises numerous campaigns and programmes to make the people aware the importance of birth control and the need of using condoms. Society never ever discusses about these aspects properly due to which most of the population hardly know what actually sex is, the aspects that one should keep in mind and it’s possible significance. It’s disheartening to see young girls undergoing the method of abortion which results in an adverse effect on their reproductive health followed by high expenses.

Do remember, buying a pregnancy kit or contraceptive pill is much more humiliating than purchasing a condom as the former may question your knowledge but the latter will respect your sincereity.


2 thoughts on “Condoms

  1. see pron says:

    1UkDsn It as hard to find educated people in this particular subject, however, you seem like you know what you are talking about! Thanks

  2. Snata Basu says:

    Inspirational writing, and totally agree with you..
    Buying condoms are less humiliating than buying pills or pregnancy testers after having a unsafe sex.


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