Crazy For You

Maybe it’s true
Maybe I have gone crazy
But what can I do
I love you so
Even if you don’t care
Or don’t love me back
I’ll always be behind your back
Looking behind your back
Keeping you safe
From the dangers of this predatory world
Keeping an eye out for you
Dah and night
Because I know
While I can’t have you
The thoughts of Something bad happening to you
Is worse than not having your love
And the thoughts of you dying before me
It will crush my heart and break it into pieces
I would rather die than see you getting hurt
But I don’t fear to die for you
For I believe it’s always worth it to die for love
Sometimes you’ll just walk away ignoring me
And tho it hurts
Nothing hurts me more than seeing you getting hurt
You may think it’s weird
Me following you around
But in all sincerity
My life is meaningless
I’m dead inside
The thing keeping me alive is the desire
To keep you safe
So that you’ll live to see another day
Perhaps one day
You’ll finally realise
That I truly love you
And that I’ll always be by your side
No matter what
Come heaven or hell
I’ll never let you die


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