Daddy’s Little princess

Shruti Raut daughter of Prakash Raut who was the Captain of Indian Air Force. Like everyday shruti called her mom that she is leaving for home from college. After sometimes her mom gets an another call stating that Captain Prakash Raut is no more due some bad climatic condition his plane crash in our neighbourhood territory and people over their declared him as a spy and killed him. Listening to this her mom was totally shocked she wasn’t in her state of mind. Till than shruti arrived she saw her mom in tears and she got to know about her dad, she was broken into pieces. She can’t digest the thing that her dad was declared as a spy. Even our country declared him as a spy that was so sad for her. At any cost she wanted to prove that her dad was an honest officer he wasn’t a spy.
She started seeking the help from society, but instead of helping society started taunting her like how could your father do like this to our country, we are shameful to have such officer in our country and so on. She was really upset the way society responded her. Than one of her friend suggested to seek a help from social media, it’s a biggest platform I’m sure people will help us. But this thing was already shown in the news so people didn’t responded her on social media as well. She tried her hard but gets no response.

At last she says I have heard social media is biggest platform it reaches out your messages, videos to lakhs of people and yes its true but the things which are for entertainment purpose and it lasts for longer time for. Eg. A small boy being drunk and dancing, a girl’s wink became famous. But what about the people who genuinely need help no one actually cares they will be trending only for 2 days that’s it. Such messages, videos some people repost to actually help them they are very small in numbers and some people repost just for show off as if they care actually they don’t.
That’s the reason why our country is lacking behind for justices. Because of the sick mentality of the society whatever is shown or heard is truth for them but the reality is totally different. Society is like go with the flow if people are going in that direction it also follows the same then it doesn’t matter whether its right or wrong. But no one knows what that person goes through the one who suffers from it. At least once keep yourself in their place and see how helpless they feel. Helping someone doesn’t cost a RUPEE, and social media is also free of cost.