Dare to……

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Dare to be different, dare to take up new challenges, dare to take up things and do things which you believe in, dare to think, dare to TRY……

We live in a society where people are supposed to behave in a particular way, they are asked to follow certain norms and be something which they are not. In a society where you are not free just dare to be you. Dare to follow your dreams, dare to be different and follow your heart and mind.


Dare to fail only then you will realize the real value of winning and real joy you get when you finally achieve something in life. Dare to think different, don’t just follow things and norms just be yourself and have your opinion on things and situations. Dream big and dare to achieve that dream, only those who dare to do things out of the box will truly live and be of some worth. Don’t just think that you can’t do anything, you have to believe in yourself and dare to take chance. Dare to walk the path which others have feared to travel, travel the path and succeed only then you will realize your true value and you will be the leader.


Dare to be best all the time, try to give our 100% in everything you do. Dare to do what you dare to dream. When you can dare to dream big, you have to dare to do them and complete them without thinking about the hurdles. Nothing comes easy you have to work hard to fulfill your dreams and achieve big. Just dare to be you. don’t follow anyone, just be yourself. You have a personality, you have an image, you are you, you have to be you. don’t try to follow others and be like them. Dare to be you and set an example for others to take up challenges and dream.


Never fear failure. Failure is made for those who fail to dare and not for those who dare to fail. Dream big and dare to fail. When life seems to beat you down just dare to fight back. Fight for what you think is right and true. Dare to take a stand for what you think is right. Dare to take risk only then you will truly enjoy your life.


Dare to live the life you always wanted to live. Others can always guide you and support you but you have to take your own decision because, in the end, it’s your life you have to take the risk to make it worth living and worth fighting for. Be an inspiration to others, dare to take the risk and dare to be different.


In a world full of same personalities dare to be different and live your life the way you want to live.life is one time shot use it well. People will laugh at you, they will criticize you, they will question you… you have to take up the challenges and you have to dare to answer and fight for what you believe in. You have to stand out and work towards yourself.


Dare to dream big and never let small mind convince you that your dreams are too big. If your dreams are not scaring you then are they are not big enough. You will achieve big only when you will dream big and think big. Your life will be what you will make it, make it large and worth living for. Dreams will not work until you work for them. Dreams will die if you will not let them be just dreams and you will not dare to make them the reality. Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up. You have to fight for what is right and what is meant to be yours. Never doubt yourself, work hard and make things happen. It will always seem to be impossible until it’s done.


As soon as you will dare to begin to pursue your dreams, you will wake up every day and everything will have a meaning. If you can’t stop thinking about something just don’t stop working towards it. Be confident about your dreams and live the life you have always imagined.


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Just believe in your self and dare to be you……


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