Dawn-A Nightmare-Women Safety



Woman safety-a term which is worldwide used to ensure that all the necessary precautions are taken when we step out. We carry pepper spray, and other things which are used as defensive weapons but the main question is ARE WE REALLY SAFE? No one knows what would happen the very next moment, and also how many of us can really say that okay, ‘We Are Safe’. Our life is subjective of doing activities in which we have to travel and walk the paths alone. Paths which have no streetlights as well as no one can be seen, but only a bunch of boys can be seen. Our hearts start pounding as fast as possible, as no sight of hope is established and we just wish that a few steps away we see someone or even a lighted streetlight. Having the guts to walk the same path on which the boys are walking can be the worst nightmare one could have. WHAT DO WE DO IN SUCH A SITUATION?

The fact is that we are totally reliable on the hope that someone sees us walking the street and accompany us to our homes. We as model daughters are always taught that we shouldn’t step out after twilight. But as individuals we have some sort of responsibilities ranging from our tuition classes, dance or music classes, buying groceries or coming back from jobs. The reality is we cannot sit at our homes the entire life just for the sake of our family’s uprightness,

‘Okay you are our family’s honor and you cannot step out after dawn’

The basic morals we are taught since our childhood. We have the right to decide wherever we want to go, what sort of clothes we want to wear, and etc.

Our internal strength holds our positive and negative thoughts. We aren’t really afraid of a situation in which we have to walk alone on the streets, but are concerned with unlighted streetlights with dense pathways. Our conscious mind always tries to escape such situations telling us leaving us with no sagacity of hope.

The best tool then we are left with is SELF-DEFENSE. In the modern era, we try to escape the self-defense classes demolishing the thought that we are totally safe if we drive a car or a scooty, but the worst incidents can happen in such cases too. What if our car fails to run or start in a street or a pathway, where the signals of our phone are under coverage and not even a small shop.

Best is to know the weak points of the person, which if we hit will leave the person conscious for minutes, and those weak points are Adam’s apple, eyes, knees and the bridge of our nose. Our hands and legs are the best and natural tools we can have for our self-defense. If we have a good control over our mind, and have the ability to take decision on the spot of not losing our control and attacking the molester with the best we can do, we can actually save ourselves from being trapped in certain situations before anything dreadful happens.

Our safety lies in our hands and only we have the ability to decide our fortunes.

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