Day-To-Day Life


She woke up in the morning after her busy late night. She took bath, got ready for her work and ate breakfast to gather the energy and power for giving best out of her, in office and on the streets between people, who really are animals.
Getting a ride to her workplace on a bus with females, males and animals. Animals whose eyes were raking all over her body as if they were hungry for it for centuries. Still, she tried to ignore it as many others did and went on her way upstairs by stairs leaving the lift full of men. Finally, she was at ease inside the walls of her cabin with a cup of coffee in her hand, headphones overhead and no eyes on her from behind. Time passed from 9 am to 6 pm office hours were over, but her work didn’t she needed to work more for her boss and for her little sister whose birthday was this weekend. She sat down, took a little break, and started working again, finally at 9 pm time to leave the office, and again travelling those streets and busses to her flat.
She left the office building took the shortest path to bus stand ignoring all peeping eyes, she got on the bus but got no seat and she was only 45 min away from her destination where she can rest finally at ease, but this wasn’t a normal day. It was different the person on that bus was not just a normal person who will be stratified by his shameful act of wrongfully commenting on a girl’s character and body. He stood up abs tried messing with her, tried messing with a sleeping lion he tried to touch her body without her consent and thought of getting away with this like he might have in past. He did not know what is coming to him, after doing this shameful act, which has made the name of the group called “men” worse.  When that man touched her, in front of almost 30 other females, 40 other males and some other animals. She looked around to see the people reactions to his act, she saw no response that is our society is like, but she was not same as others. She stood up against him for her, herself. She turned back, slapped him, took her footwear off and hit it on his head, she shouted: “Stop the Bus” at that moment coward people got courage and threw that man out of the bus and praised that girl. She knew none of their words was helpful, because when they should have done something they did not. She left the bus, went in her apartment proud on herself, smiling and more energetic than before and gone to bed in a sound slumber to wake up again next morning to fight with her life again.


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