Dear Sky- Open Letter


Dear Sky


You are blue. That is what I was told, that sky is blue and I am a girl who should keep her voice low and smile politely as the puppet maker tugged my bones. Bare the pain, they would tell me and smile as I look up at the blue sky, the chaotic town and the people that rule it. But you are not blue, I retorted, to them and to you and they glared wondering if I was mad. Don’t lie to me, you knew you never were just blue. Each time my room suffocated me and I went to my balcony, there you were; wide and expanding and magnificent, everything but blue. At first, I was sure I was mistaken. In this monotony of life, I had forgotten what the colours looked like and how could you be anything but what the elders said you were.


 A blue sheet and I, a girl who needed to know how to adapt, greet and hold back tears that chaffed my cheeks. How can the sky not be blue? It always will be but as my eyes fixate on the moving clouds, I know deep within, undeniably and regretfully, you are never just blue. I keep repeating it, because I still find it hard to believe my eyes over their words for everyone knows till the end of the time, elders will always be right.


One moment you are so terribly dark with diamonds twisting in your roots then just a few hours later you are popping with yellow grace and pink hues, letting the chirping birds blend inside you. Why can’t others see it too? I choke, I gasp and I try to fight it, I do everything I can to let people know I am screaming other than scream. Timid girls aren’t supposed to make noise, they whisper under the red tinted sky. Well, timid girls aren’t supposed to point out that the sky is not blue either. 


I was jealous of you. Everyone knew who you were and you laid tall and proud but then I realised how you and I were the same, hiding behind blank clouds of despair, helpless in who they think we are and struggling to change that but failing, miserably. But you and I, we both still try; in those raw sunsets and in my no’s, we still fight.




Timid Girl



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