Diagnosed as human


Diagnosed as human.


1 in 4 people in the world affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives


Currently 450 million suffer.


Mental health is the absence of a mental disorder.


What is a mental disorder?

Bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD?


What is mental health?


Mental health is how we think, feel and behave.


Mental health does not mean absence of mental illness.


The times’ we’ve been compelled to consider mental health, when popularity succumbed to infamous depression?

Kurt Cobain, Chester Bennington, Robin Williams, Avicii..does it ring a bell?


Or suicide is just not your subject of interest?


Does it disinterest your tirelessly brave minds to think about mental illness being more than just a progeny of cowardice?


‘Maybe happiness is just a bleak rope I tried to walk upon only to crawl back towards the unending darkness, that black hole?’

‘But…how.. how.. how can it be…? I..I….she….was right here…can’t you see her…you most certainly can hear Susanne..right?..’


‘I…I…I can’t do this….I have to go home… I can’t be here, I’m… What if everything just goes wrong…what if I run away again?’


‘Have you ever thought…how thoughts could overlap each other and all you have is a trail of conflicting thoughts… I would call it eloquent inception. ‘


Inflicting self harm is no more a rare act, it’s become a ritual threat. It’s sad, sad to see where the world is headed.


So when I hold this page in my hand, allow me to. Because I shake with fear, anger and frustration beneath the texture of my verses, because I know that words can either bleed or mend…

And I pray, I mend.


I have a request, stop romanticising mental illness

Drawing a parallel between pain, suffering or beauty and strength

Quoting that girls who go through pain are beautiful and maybe suicide is just another escape strategy for an angel to escape bounds of earth.


Learn instead, how to save a life. Learn to save the lonely instead of accumulating loneliness by branding yourself with endless sadness.


The irony is funny

I fear to address my mental illness to the people around me much more than I first discovered I was diagnosed with one..


The statement, ‘I have to arrange my pencils in order because I’m so OCD, terming people as autistic, you’re mental, you’re crazy, I’m so depressed, he’s bipolar is trendy.


The hierarchy of pain descends and ascends like inflation hits stock market


Maybe it’s time we get diagnosed as being human, once, just human, once in our lifetime.


Although the stigma around mental illness has been discarded to an extent

It has shrouded the authenticity of mental health


Depression dresses up in blue and black, OCD has a set colour pattern, stress looks yellow, schizophrenia is still not okay to come forward to be discussed about openly. Bipolar is trendy though, some days it wears a prom dress and other days, just another Cinderella living amongst cinders. You see, it’s moody. Bulimia steals the day, the skinny girl who throws up just to reaffirm she dresses up her scars well.


But…what about the proportion of people who are really suffering, suffering to make it through a day that feels too empty and too full?

Who forget to breathe or blink while fear cripples them in the middle of a night?

Who cannot concentrate nor afford to quit..?

Who cannot suddenly understand the consequence of having an imaginary friend or hearing voices in their head and wanting to be human…

What about them…who cannot let time slip away and yet every second feels like a lifetime…


What do they deserve?


I’ll tell you, they deserve love and empathy,

They deserve to be listened to

They deserve to be reached out to and understood by near and dear ones

They need a patch of green and not a barren land of broken dreams to uplift them.

They don’t need repetition of sad stories, they need glimpses of faith and hope to be restored in them.

They don’t need another them, they need you. Just you…

__Anupma Singh Dhar


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