Die to the past, every moment


Clinging to the known is clinging to a corpse. It does not need courage to drop the clinging; it needs courage to go on clinging to a corpse. That which is familiar to you, which you have lived – what has it given? Are you not still empty? Is there not immense discontent, a deep frustration and meaninglessness? Somehow you go on managing, hiding the truth and creating lies to remain engaged, involved. 

This is the question: to see with clarity that everything that you know is of the past, it is already gone, it is part of a graveyard. Do you want to be in a grave, or do you want to be alive? And this is not only the question today; it will be the same question tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

Whatever you know, accumulate – information, knowledge, experience. The moment you have explored them you are finished with them. Now, carrying those empty words, that dead load is crushing and burdening your life, preventing you from entering into a living, rejoicing being – which is awaiting you each moment.

The man of understanding dies to the past every moment and is reborn again to the future. His present is always a transformation, rebirth, and resurrection. It is not a question of courage but of clarity, of being clear about what is what.

Secondly, nobody can give courage to you. It is not something that can be presented as a gift. It is something that you are born with, you just have not allowed it to grow; you have not allowed it to assert itself, because society is against it.

Society does not want lions; it wants a crowd of sheep. Then it is easy to enslave and exploit people, do whatever you want to do with them. They don’t have souls; they are almost robots. You order, and they will obey.

No society wants you to be courageous. Every society wants you to be a coward. They will not say, “Be cowardly,” they will say, “Be cautious. Think twice before you leap. Remember your tradition, your religion is thousands of years old; it has wisdom.” In so many ways you will be told a simple thing: just be a coward; it pays to be cowardly. It is dangerous to be courageous, because it is going to bring you into conflict with all vested interests.

Courage is not a quality to be practised, it is something that is part of your life – your very breathing. It is just that society has created so many barriers against your natural growth that you have started thinking, “From where to get courage? From where to get intelligence? From where to get truth?”

You have to go nowhere. You contain everything in the seed form that you want to be. Realising this and seeing the other side – what is the gain of people who live with the crowd? They lose everything. In fact they don’t live at all; their whole life is a series of deaths. Just look at the whole crowd of people. It is so simple if you see it: the only way to live life is to live on your own. It is an individual phenomenon, it is independence. It is a constant unburdening of all that is dead, so that life can go on growing and is not crushed under the weight of the dead. 


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