Disadvantages of Reading Fiction

Disadvantages of reading fiction


Yes, you read it right. DISADVANTAGES of reading fiction instead of the glorious advantages. Well, being a part of one of the top Catholic schools, every student must be aware of the benefits of reading novels that are filled with wisdom and learning. It is said, that the one who reads lives not one but many lives, and the one who doesn’t, lives but his own. What no one pays attention to is the fact that often we only need to live one life happier.

Every one of us has been told about the wonders that can be achieved because of reading, however, what every teacher, reader, and thinker forgets to tell us is the darker side of the fairytale world. 

Below are the 8 disadvantages of reading fiction in my opinion:

  1.  The very first one which is, mind you, the most horrible after effect of reading is the aspiration. Reading provides hope, it fills you with beautiful dreams and inspires you to live every color present in the canvas of life. It makes you look up at a plane and wonder a million things instead of just gasping, ’Look A Plane!’. It makes you want the impossible.


  2. It makes you wonder what life would be if you were a pure vegetarian and at the same time think about if the crab is really salty or just bland. What it doesn’t tell you is that you can’t have it all. You can’t walk through the journey of hundreds of bodies with one soul. If you are a vegetarian, you can never know if eating fish and drinking water after it will make the fish swim inside your belly or not.


  3. While listing the addictive harmful substances like drugs and alcohol, do you ever find reading as one of the items listed? No. you don’t! Ask any reader about it, they will definitely agree as to just how addictive it is ‘Mobiles keep you awake at night. What no one knows is that the words of Jane Austin are equally capable of stealing away sleep and so is Mr. Darcy.


  4. Reading makes you fall in love, again and again, and again. Your heart could already have been wounded, but books are ruthless in that way. THEY SIMPLY DON’T CARE. You’ll fall in love with imaginary characters or with words or with ideas, and you won’t have any of your friends who understand it.


  5. Another very crucial side effect that often authors warn you about is that often, readers  tend to show lunatic symptoms. Wanting your best friend to understand just how lovely the phrase is or how beautifully constructed the character is or crying unstoppably over the death of someone who doesn’t exist, feeling void after the book’s finishes are very common among the reading community.


  6.  All knowledge you get is directly from your books. You can’t get it by listening to the news or watching a soap.


  7. If you read, your friends can ONLY gift you novels on any occasion. They won’t even think for even a second that you might need that dazzling dress or just a supply full of chocolates, for it is written on every reader’s forehead,’ Our Sole Cause of Happiness is Books. JUST BOOKS!’


  8. A study has found that the more intelligent you are, the more your intellectual side is built. Your perspective for the world changes from simple black and white to million streaks of grey. Sadly, reading fiction enhances your intellect.


If despite these life-threatening and sanity disturbing facts, you still want to risk or keep on risking your life while stubbornly clinging onto the hardcover and the paperbacks, all I can say is that I warned you.

While we have talked about the disadvantages of reading fiction, below are few of the benefits of reading fiction that you should also be aware of.

Benefits of reading fiction


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