DIY Glass Decor For Windows

Glass Decor

Things you’ll need:

  1. Beveled glass of various shapes

  2. Cardboard/Heavy Chart paper

  3. Copper foil

  4. Jump rings/Split rings/Spring washer

  5. Needle nose plier

  6. Brass rolo chain

  7. Flux and solder

Let’s get started!:

  1. Spread a cardboard or a heavy chart paper to avoid mess.

  2. Take beleved glass of the desired shapes and cover it’s edges with the copper foil.


  3. Apply flux on the copper foil on the edges and solder.

  4. Attach the jump rings/split rings/Spring washer on to the corners of the glass.

  5. Wash and polish.

  6. With the help of a needle nose plier atteach the glass to the brass rolo chain.

  7. Add as many glasses as desired and hang on your window!





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