Do I really belong here?


You must be wondering why someone will write an article titled, “Do I really belong here? “ I mean, who asks that question to themselves? Do I even have the time to think stuff like this? Does it really matter whether I belong here or not? I am here that is what counts.

All these thoughts might pop up in the minds of some of the readers but then, instead of thinking about it, we would rather prefer to sleep over it. The reason, we’ve been working all day in those fancy co-operate offices. It was already so difficult taking out time to read this article, how do I spare time to think about it.

Merely thinking about the situation while writing, makes me feel sad. Honestly, it truly is sad. Each and every one of us is getting sucked by a high power, world-dominating corporate vacuum. Many of us are so tired that we have actually given up the struggle to resist the flow because it is really taxing. We prefer to just adapt to the bloodsucking corporate scenario instead of thinking and questioning ourselves, “do I really belong here?” WHY???? Because we know the answer and we are scared to face it.

Everybody chooses a career path for a reason. Some say ‘it will give me more money to safeguard my future’. Some say ‘the world is doing it, why shouldn’t I’. Some say ‘nothing comes to my mind bro! Let’s just do this’. (Well, the third still sounds better than the rest.)

Each and every individual today has focused all his/her energy towards making money. Monetary status is so important that if given a chance (and if it was possible) we would rent out our souls for a nickel.

Every member of the Homo sapiens species has got only one agenda set on their Google calendar, and that too for their entire life, “EARN AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU CAN.”

GREAT!!! I am earning as much money as I can. Now what? Should I start eating it? Ahh!! Unfortunately, I can’t because evolution has taken my ability to digest cellulose. Should I sleep on it? Umm, no! A paper like bed cover won’t be comfortable. Should I bathe in it instead of water? Well, then I can justify the adjective “filthy rich”. So, what do I really do with it? Making money is so addictive that our entire energy gets focused on increasing the zeros in our bank accounts and we forget to actually use it.

When we are kids, we all grow up with a unique dream. A dream that we call ‘mine’ with utmost pride. A dream to become someone different, one of a kind. I distinctly remember a kid in my second grade saying, it is my dream to click a picture of all the animals in the world. I remember another one in my seventh grade saying, I wish to play guitar in every city of the world. Today when I see these people I don’t find any camera or photo albums, I don’t find a guitar or hear any music. All I see is two people pretending to smile and look satisfied with what they are doing. I see that kid trapped in their eyes, who ones thought he/she can chase the world without any fear. They chose to walk a path which everyone chose, ‘make money to make a future”

Just one simple question, what future are you making money for? A future where you sit in a rehab because you dragged yourself (in doing something that you don’t even like) to such an extent that you got frustrated and depressed? Well, if that’s the dream, then honey you got to hustle a lot more because damn those rehabs are costly. I see people coming from work looking tired and lifeless. Upon asking ‘what the hell did you do?’ a universal reply comes, “I had a lot of work today, sat in front of the system the entire day.” And I am like SERIOUSLY????? This amazing “walking dead” makeover is a result of sitting in front of the computer! (I wonder why TV shows spend so much on makeup, make your stars sit in front of the laptop for a few hours, and BAMM!! Your ghost is ready.)

If we actually think about it, it sounds both stupid and scary. Is all this worth it?

All these thoughts are so horrifying, that if not taken care of, the day is not far when we’ll actually have the real-life version of GO GOA GONE.


Talking about stressed up situations and scenarios is easy because you can actually see them, but how do we get rid of it?

The answer to this lies in the title itself. Sit back, relax take a deep breath and think “DO I REALLY BELONG HERE?” This is not just a one-line question, it is a portal to self – introspection. Introspecting ourselves is a must in this era. We really need to stop for a while and think, introspect ourselves, and understand whether currently whatever I am doing, am I happy doing it? Does sitting in front of a computer for hours makes me feel lively? Does increasing my bank balance and not having the time to actually use it make me happy? Think!! Think for a while and I am sure a beautiful picture will come in front of you. This will not only make your thoughts clear but also give you the courage to work on them.

Search for that young dream which got lost when you started working in this brutal world. Take out that guitar and tune in to your dream. Find that long lost paint brush and paint the future you are happy in. Go out, explore yourself. Stop seeking perspective from outside when the real magician of wonders sit just inside you. Follow your intuition, trust me, your gut knows what is best for you. Don’t get influenced by what people around you say or feel. That’s their opinion, what will matter in the end is the decision you take. So decide for yourself and take pride in it. So what you were wrong, at least you hold no regrets.

Stop running behind money, run behind happiness and satisfaction, money will find its way to you.

Focus your energy on being happy. My dear friend, life is a beautify gift, just keep it simple honey.

Keep calm and question yourself, “DO I REALLY BELONG HERE?”


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