Don’t Wait To Be Chosen


Times have changed, haven’t they? From being little kids, running around with no care in the world, today we wait to be picked by the most popular group in school. Even if it calls for changes, we are ready to make them.

It starts small. They don’t like your hair. You change it. small change, right? Not really. The way you dress, move and style your hair speaks about you. It is your unique style statement. No somebody else’s.  as teenagers, we are so busy worrying about being accepted, we lose ourselves. We forget that someone might be aspiring to be just the way we are. Minus the forced makeover.

It might be tough to think your plain old self will survive in a school filled with all kinds of humans. But you are not plain. You are not old. You are unique. The ideas, style, jokes, and dreams you have will never e identical to someone else. Unless you are totally copying somebody. Then there is a 99% chance of a match!

My friends get a lot of attention from the guys on campus. They receive anonymous confessions on our college page and stuff like that. I don’t. sometimes it gets me down. Why? Because opposite gender appreciation matters. Not more than the same gender appreciation, but it still matters.  But after 10 seconds, I`m completely fine.  The number of boys falling at your feet, the number of girls dreaming about calling you at night, the overload of clothes in your wardrobe, the lack of branded make up kits, the worst selfies you successfully take, never ever define you.

I have had so many people who are good friends with me now, tell me that at first, they thought I was consumed by attitude and self-praise. I`m not. But without getting a word out of my mouth, they jumped to conclusions. You might not be able to change what people see and say about you. But you have full control over how you see yourself.

You don’t get to choose who you fall for. But you get to choose who has the power over your heart.”

At any time of the day, reader or not, Google Dr. Seuss’s quotes and you’ll find yourself smiling.  Winnie the Pooh is even better.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” 
― Dr. SeussHappy Birthday to You!





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