Dream V/S Nightmare

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A perfect family , 

Implies  Husband and  wife with two children:

A sweet little daughter and a naughty little boy,  It ‘s a dream of almost every couple today .

And something of this sort was Zara and sartaj’s dream too.

But destiny had different plans for them.

It was Four  at the midnight .

Zara was sleeping peacefully until that nightmare struck her back…

She dreamed about blood every where ….

Blast , screeching of people and she was walking over there in search of somebody…

She heard the sound of a bullet and she woke up shouting Sartaj……

She was sweating ..

She took a glass of water and drank it and then she murmurs 

Years have passed but still this nightmare haunts me.

I cannot forget that day, that day took away almost everything from me.

Then she stares her son sleeping next to her, a smile creeped over her face.

But at that very moment a fresh tear skipped from her eyes.

She closed her eyes, she remembered something


That was karwachaut’s night .

Zara was fasting for sartaj’s long life ,

His prosperity and happiness 

Zara was waiting for sartaj to arrived .

Sartaj arrived with a letter in his hand

Zara to sartaj

What’s this i am fasting for you all day long and you haven’t brought any gift for me.

Sartaj didn’t replied , he was grinning 

Zara glared at him

Look i knew it you will forgot to bring any gift for me..


Actually I have something for you.

Zara chuckled 

Show me what you had brought for me????


Wait first let me break your fast then I will show you .

Zara agreed .

They both performed rituals .

And zara finally ate something from sartaj’s hand .

They the both sat together in a room .

Zara to sartaj

Now handover my gift to me .

Sartaj’s hand were shivering a little .

Zara snatches that letter from him ,

She thought it might be a love letter,

Or else he had written a poetry or shayari for her.

She was eager to read that letter.

Her grip was so tight that , she crumbled it a little 

But as soon as she read that letter

Shiver ran down her spine 

It was a letter from the headquarters

Firing had started at the border ,

Already several people died in that disaster .

Sartaj need to rush there  and handle the situation as a commanding officer.

She looses her grip , and letter  fell down from her hands .

Tears rolled down  from her eyes

Sartaj didn’t react , he was observing her .

She turned to look at him but he was busy in packing his stuff.

Zara ran towards him , she snatches his clothes from him.

Zara to sartaj

No , Sartaj you can’t leave like this ,

We are married a month back ,

You promised me, you will never leave me alone .

And now you are leaving like this?

Sartaj grinned , 

he cups her face

It’s my duty Zara , 

I have to leave ,

I have to keep my promise of protecting my country . 

Being wife of a soldier you should realize it’s importance .


And what if anything happened to you?


Then i will be wrapped in a coffin with pride, and that will be a proud moment for my country as well as for you.

And my dream will come true 

Zara directly looked into his eyes

That won’t be less than an unrecoverable tragedy for me.

Zara threw her in his arms ,

He took her in his embrace.


Trust me! Zara I won’t leave you alone .


I cannot rely on a promise made by a soldier, that he will be back.

And the night ends.

Flashback ends 

Tears were still flowing from her eyes .

She stood up a light the lamp in front of the portrait .

That was none other than Sartaj’s portrait 

Your dream ,and my nightmare came true sartaj .

You came back , but your body was wrapped in a coffin .

You were sleeping peacefully and I was shouting loud to break your sleep, but you didn’t replied.

I was right , one should never rely on a promise , made by a soldier that he will be back…

The sight was similar to  as you dictated me, your were honoured with Tiranga.

Bullets were fired in the air to pay tribute to you..

You were looking so smart in your uniform, 

I felt in love with you again and the medals on your uniform were shinning bright.

The thing which was missing was your presence over there .

Your country and your Country men felt proud at you.

But I lost something on that day.

A part of me died with you.

I was waiting for you ,

To let you know that we are soon going to have an offspring , 

But you were busy in protecting your children.

I was waiting for you to let you know that soon I am going to be a mother,

But that time you were fighting for the pride of your mother .

I wanted you to hear it’s heartbeat ,

But before that your heart stopped beating .

You received shaurya chakra for you bravery .

And I received your  honour and your peace .

My soul shattered into pieces when 

I saw your body wrapped in a coffin .

A smile creep over her face ,

But soon I realized that the soldier kept his  promise .

You never left me alone, you were reborn as our son to keep your promise.

And here is awaiting another sartaj to protect the pride of his mother .

To fulfil his dream which is not less than a nightmare for his family 

But I wish this time would be  Zara

  • Could get her Sartaj back  alive.

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