Effect of Transparency politics

As we all knew that each and individual political parties have their respective political agenda. But none of them had taken transparency as one of their political agenda. Consider a scenario that if we opt for it, then each one has to submit every penny used into account, carried by releasing the reports to the public once for every week. There is also a downside to it that they can not release the data regarding Security and Research&Development of the concerned society to the public. Except for that two, they can discharge the data to the public. In other terms, transparency helps to retain hope, confidence towards that political party. And moreover, it gives a complete picture to the public, that how much has been spent on what. In turn, it also helps in suppressing the corruption in the present society. It mainly benefits the public and which in turn can also help to narrow down where the problem has commenced. But the thing is that bringing the transparency into operation is tenacious operation. After bringing it into action, it must retain for further generations. Most of the people had an insight that it might not be possible. But one has to question himself/herself that is it truly impossible ?. With its help, one can yield exceptional results in a curtail span. It desires more attention and dedication from the media including the public to attain an optimal conclusion. Taking it as a basic and then trying something as an add-on to it, will restrain to build up a better society for further generations too. It cannot be possible with a member or two, it must, crave for the diligence of more augmented persons. It mainly narrows down to every dime spent on the purpose. In the present situation, one can use this as leverage too. As mentioned above, it has some flaws. There should not be any transparency when we are dealing with the Security issues of the concerned state including the R&D. If they release that data, then one will use it as clout which in turn, brings the society into jeopardy. Some may even say that it is not possible or a bit difficult to continue. It is really, a laborious task but it takes the ethics of the society to the next level. My final verdict will be it has more pros than the cons. So, I hope that one day someone will look into it and bring the change to the society.


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