Far Miles Away..

Why I had to prove again and again?
Are you in dilemma?
Do you still love me?
Why dear?
I am miles away.
From family, friend and You,
Had you ever thought of me once?
How I’m existing?
Alone in the city of the crowd,
Without a friend, family.
The weekend comes and goes,
I am lonely!
No doubt you love me but
Sometimes uncountable questionaries?
Yes, I poke you each time,
Because I do have the right to say
You felt bad, should we stop sharing
What exists in the relationship?
Convey to me, dear?
Far miles away!
In an unknown place
Even I desire for the new friends, explore and fun around.
But I am waiting for you to explore together.
You misinterpreted me using the word professionalism
I am hurt..


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