Fear And Nervousness

Fear and nervousness

These are the common words that we all come across in our life every time. Not for once, twice or more but in fact in every instance of our life. I don’t know from where we get these properties inside us.

 Whether inherited or gained it from somewhere?

Who stored it inside us?

If someone try to vanish it completely that would be quite seem to be impossible. Because till now, I didn’t found any one to be free from these evils of our life.

I found many persons to be confident but at some point, they also shatter. They also loosed their confidence and losses opportunities that didn’t come back in their life again.

But at some point I think that these properties are very much necessary too. And definitely question arises that why now I emphasising these to be necessary.

Assume a situation, you have your university exam after 7 days. But, you are not feeling any traces of fear in your mind. Then, tell me. what will happen? Definitely you will not study at that crucial time. You will just spend on time. But night before exam, what will happen?

Your whole mind work like a pressure cooker and definitely that pressure can’t be tolerated by you.

You will leave every time and sleep for that time. And definitely, you will do nothing well in your paper. Then what will be the result. You will fail. And then, you will blame/mock teachers for that.

Do really teachers or anyone in this world did anything?

Okay!!! Your friends must had done something that’s why you failed or assume scored less.

Am I right?? Friends or teachers are ruling your life.

No dear, no one in your life can spoil you until you allow them to do that. You yourself is the best teacher or best friend of our life.

Because you only know yourself better. Then you will say, yours parents know you completely. Really???

Okay!!! What you will do next.

I think three things can be done:

1.     Suicide

2.     Leave that path and blame teachers/friends and other whole life.

3.     Get up, feel your erred and take revenge from your failure.                                                                                         

I am sure that third one would be difficult among all. Majority will move on with second.

And if someone choose first then what was the mistake of your parents? Why should one put them in such grim / gloomy situation of losing their prince/ princess?

But wait a moment, from where it all started. It all started because of your purely fearless attitude, ego, overconfidence.

It would not be happened if at that time you felt some traces of fear.

I am not telling that you should fear completely. Excess of anything results to be outrageous.

Life is full of challenges. At every phase of your life you will face new challenges. What you will do? How long will you blame others for your mistakes?

Please, human don’t be so blind.

There is only difference between human and other animals that humans have brain.

This is the most important paraphernalia given by our lord because of which humans are ruling in this world and other animals like tiger, lion, etc. are spending their life in cages or in forest.

But many times I heard one thing. That some are born brilliant or you will say my friend had great mind. His/her brain works more than me.

But it’s really annoy me.

Do shape of your that friend’s head is bigger than you? Or shape of the brain is different? Or he/she knew everything at the moment he/she born?     

Exactly not dude. (I am not talking about physically challenged one here)

Only think is that hard work, continuous exercise of brain, penchant, dedication results into brilliant mind and of course some amount of fear too is required. This is the complete recipe for to be brilliant mind.

To change your life from tumultuous situations to peaceful, you need to scarify sometime.

Nothing in this world would be given to you free of cost.

It is well said by Bruce lee:

“I am not afraid of 1000 moves that an individual know but I am afraid of that particular move practiced 1000 times by individual.”

Practice and exercise are the only box available to us that is capable of keeping nervousness inside. So that it will not disturb you at time you need to prove yourself.

Never say you know everything. Never make anyone feel lower than you. If you know more than that person share it with him/her. Because the moment you pull down other by overriding them, you throw yourself into dig.











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