Fear of being alone…..


Why is that when we love someone we love with all that we have, but we never truly learn to let go of that person with our all? Is it because that person will take part of you with them and you will be left alone in broken pieces and we are always scared of losing someone or our self to someone. We have a fear of losing that someone, we always fear that what if that person leaves us alone and we are left here without anyone by our side. When we are in a relationship we always think that everything is so perfect, the person who is with us will always be with us no matter what, the situation, people, circumstances everything seems to be perfect. We start to live in a fairy tale of our own where everything is as per our needs and wants. But after a certain time the relationship which reaches to a point where the fear of losing that person will knock the doors and you will fear being alone……..


The fear of being alone is the starting of self-destruction. The fear will make you stay with the person even if there is no love left. You will try to be there, you will start to lose self-respect just because you will not want the other person to leave you. You will be ready to do anything which is being demanded from you whether it is wrong or right. You will find yourself doing so many things in which you are not comfortable but the other person is. You will start to lose your identity but you will not do anything… why? Because you have a fear of being alone. You don’t want to be alone and face the things. We always fear this but have we ever wondered or thought that due to this fear we are losing ourselves? We are not who we used to be. We are not what we wanted to be. We are not making any right choices and taking any correct decisions. We are not making ourselves happy. All these things might come in our mind but we will not do anything why because we fear that the person will leave and we will be left alone.



Fear of being alone is not a good reason to stay. Love the person when you are ready not because you are lonely and you want to be with someone. We end up getting into a relationship because we fear being alone which is not right and we have to stop and think why we are getting into the relationship… is it the love or the feeling of loneliness? If its love go ahead and explore the feeling but if it the fear then take a step back because this is not the solution for your fear. You might end up hurting the other person. Even if you will get into the relationship because you think that you are lonely after some time you will not feel anything and everything will a burden for you and you will be just going here and there with the burden. The solution for loneliness or being alone is not getting into a relationship.



The fear might make us weak for some time, we might be ending up crying all day but it is always better to be with someone who is not for you and you are just with that person because of your fear. Trust yourself and make decisions which are for you. Fear of being alone is scary but not as scary as being lonely in a relationship where you feel you are not wanted. It might hurt you to walk away but you have to think and decide. The short span of happiness or your self-respect and happiness.


Think and try to indulge yourself in something good. Until you are comfortable being alone you will not know if you are choosing someone out of love or loneliness. Walking alone is always the scariest thing to do but in the end, it will make you the strongest and the walk will give you new dimensions. You will be thinking about your self and no one else. No one will affect your decisions and you can choose whatever makes you happy. Your happiness and comfort are what makes you the strongest and confident person. “ THOSE WHO FLY SOLO HAVE THE STRONGEST WINGS”. You are the best decision maker in your life and no one else. Life is tough but you are born to be a fighter….




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