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Hey, now that you guys have started reading, do complete it.
I think it is absolutely important in life to find out the reason for a “WHY?”
“Why? How long do you want to wait?”
Sounds familiar?
Yes, it does. When did you come across this?
Probably when you say a no to your wedding or maybe having a baby.
Is it okay to wait?
Of course, it is. Be it your career or wedding or any other major decision for that matter, you can wait instead of giving your life for a toss. Don’t rush for anything. Don’t worry about people, it is you who is going to face the consequences.
But if you aren’t ready for something then think why aren’t you?
Okay, let me put it this way.
You wake up in the morning and you are reluctant to go to college, find out why. Lazy? Don’t like studying? The pressure at home? Or all of these?
This is very common in a teenager’s life. First figure out the reason. Once you get it, think. Sit for a while and give it a thought.
One reason might be that your interest lies somewhere else. Maybe IIT or AIIMS isn’t your cup of tea. You love dancing, that is where your heart lies. If it is so, then go for it, talk to your parents. Share your dreams with them. How can you call it a dream when you are letting it go?
The other reason might be that it is exactly where you belong, but you are inert. Hard luck. Unless you strive, you can’t thrive – as simple as that. So, come on strengthen yourself. Work harder and go for it. 
There might a few more reasons as well, bullying at school, love, friendship and more. Then talk. Share your problems with your loved ones, parents or siblings. You may feel better after taking it out.
Another example can be given. You wake up in the morning and don’t want to go to work. Then find out why? Not happy with the work culture? Or are your dreams suppressed? Wanted to go for higher studies and pushed into work life? 
Complications in life are directly proportional to your age. There might be several reasons for the above issue. Now that you are independent and mature enough to deal with them. Find it out, be brave and deal with it. 
Unless you know the issue, it is hard to find the solution and the true problem is finding out the reason for your unhappiness.
Give it a thought.

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