First priority-YOU


First priority-YOU

Job, family, friends,ambition,passion, responsibilities and various other stuff always keeps you occupy.In this hectic life to invest your time wisely we set our priorities.But one thing is missing in everyone’s priority list.Any guess?

Look up in any mirror nearby.What you see?The person standing in front of you is missing from your priority list.

How many times have you thought about your likes?Dislikes?Needs?Why you react in a sudden way?Or the reason for your uneasiness in particular situation or with people?

Probably NEVER.The brutal truth is we care the least about ourselves.

We have tendency to sit and find solution to all our materialistic problems,friend’s issues and the never ending complaining of our near ones.But how often have you thought about your stress,reason for your depression,all of sudden urge to boycott the world ,insecurities and that never ending loop of unhappiness.

Before moving ahead let us examine an important question. What is happiness?What gives you happiness?

For a long time I believed that money,fame, success or all my dreams and wishes coming true will give me the true happiness.And that is a terrible mistake we make.

Cause happiness lies in satisfaction.Satisfaction comes when you introspect yourself.Analysis your day to day behaviour and draw conclusion to judge your characteristics.Hence,to determine your strength and weakness.And based on this analytic data answer all your question such as insecurity,your approach towards logical problems,emotional situation and discovering the real you.

When you are well aware about the need and capabilities of that inner person,whom you always tend to neglect ,then you can snatch all the happiness you deserve without being dependent on others.

In every now and then take a small break and spend some time with yourself.

For all small and big achievement do ensure to reward yourself.

Come up with a hobby or activity which gives you immense pleasure because that’s when you are closest to yourself.

It could be walking,cycling,painting,dancing,reading,writing ,cooking or even talking to yourself.

Don’t let the people around you stop from investing that most important hour in your life.

Cause one thing that stays with you till death is -you.One person whom you can blindly trust is- you.The only person who will never break your heart in this harsh world is -you.


So embrace yourself and treat that amazing person with tender love,care and respect it deserve.


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