For any student appearing twelfth class board exams along with competitive exams, life is clearly a havoc that year. Raging levels of anxiety, circular motions of depression, integration of worries , rotation motion of doubts and despairs and maintaining equilibrium between everything, it surely is a roller coaster ride. And then comes March (monstrous month), when everyone is screwed. Nothing, I repeat, nothing can beat the pangs of distress that grips a our fearful mind. End of them, but before we can heave a sigh of relief, Mains/AIEEE comes doing a Salsa over our heads. 360 marks, tough fight. End of War 1. 45 days to go for the War 2. ‘IIT JEE’ Advanced. The 6 letters are enough to send a chill down the spine of an emerging aspirant. Again, tough rounds of another battle where victory is sparse but defeat is nearly certain (in our mind). So we burn the midnight oil, slogging day and night hours into memorizing and re-memorizing Clasein and Hundsdeiker reactions, practicing Hyperbola and Probability, imagining Kundts experiment and rotational dynamics and what not! (I fail, rather, I don’t want to remember any more horrific words). The D-Day (for those who get selected) arrives and goes. After these exams, one month of pure bliss and fun appears in our mundane life. We engage in fun, frolic, hobbies, vacations and every other task that our poor soul was deprived of these two years. Until the day, the results choose to come up and screw us even more. With results come, a list of colleges and universities (where we are eligible), their rankings, phone calls to college students and their parents, and counseling from every person our parents meet on streets. In July, after the choices are reviewed and the decision taken, we head towards our college.
Now, owing to the fact, that we all have watched pure Bollywood flicks and dramatic Hindi serials(eg: Kuch Kuch hota h), our imaginations of college is quite breezy.
For an instance, we step into the campus, see guys around staring girls, with music in the background, eyes meet, blushing happens. People roam around as free birds. Classes seldom happen and if they do, nobody pays attention to the professors. In a month everyone gets a guy (read: crash into a guy) where her dupatta gets entangled in his sleeve. Woah.
This perception lingers on till eight and ninth standard. Then it changes a bit till twelfth class. Thanks to the facebook and social media posts (read: memes) that reflects the reality and problems of college students. 
The perception shatters like a piece of glass when we enter our college life. We have to study and pay attention, complete assignments, focus on labs and attendance much in the same way as we did in school. 
Jiggling between mess and college in afternoon to having walk on the bridge ,life has really changed since the last two years. 
In these first-aid months, I realize college brings a lot of emotions and personality flicks in our life. It transforms us into a more mature homo sapien along with bringing the child back in us, by all the fun, which we missed the last two years. 
And then amidst the long walk of 4-5 years, we don’t realize we made memories when we thought we were making fun.
So all I would say, I heard it right, ‘There is no life like college life.”

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