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Things about Love every girl should know in her Teenage

The teenage stage is the most crucial stage of our life. It’s the border line from being a kid to growing into an adolescent. It’s the time when you will get attracted to the opposite gender and feel a clinch that you need a partner. Hormones are all over and you just wish that somebody hands you a love book with solution of all the events happening around you.

Here are some tips and advices you should consider when you’re stuck in a feeling called ‘Love’.

  1. Don’t rush things: It’s a stage where everything and everybody would seem attractive. You may see your friends going in relationships, partying around, hanging out but don’t get influenced. Take your time, judge the time and situation and then take decisions.
  2. Be Yourself: You may find someone attractive and wish to impress them, but don’t change yourself for that. I repeat, don’t change yourself for anyone. Be who you are. If he is meant to be yours he will love you the way you are.
  3. Smile and live your life: Just flash him your most genuine smile. Don’t fake situations, just live in the moment. I would reveal a secret that boys go flatter on a girl’s natural smile. So flaunt that curve of yours and spread happiness.
  4. Even boys are scared: Don’t let a boy’s confidence and loud body language fool you. There are as hesitant as you are to make the first move.
  5. You cannot force somebody to love you: Almost everyone goes through this phase of life when you have feelings for someone but he may not have the same feelings for you. Don’t get depressed. Accept it and move on! This phase is just another phase of life and it would soon be a mere memory.
  6. If it’s only a one-sided effort, he is not the one: If he likes you the way you like him he would surely reciprocate your efforts. If you are the texting him all the time, you need to do some serious thinking. Only in a rare case, if he’s an extremely shy guy (rare species), you may give yourself some more time.
  7. First Kiss: You don’t need to plan things, they just happen. Don’t be in a rush for your first kiss and also don’t hesitate to say a ‘NO’ if you are not ready for it. Just go with the flow.
  8. Saying “NO”: Learn to say ‘No’ if you are not ready for it. If you are in the tiniest of doubts, just say ‘NO’. If he truly loves you he will understand. Apply this rule to alcohol, smoking, sex, going to unfamiliar places, or anything that your heart restricts you from.
  9. Sex and Love are not same: Having a physical relationship has nothing to do with love at your age. Think wisely about your life and the people associated with you and then take decisions.
  10. Don’t take away the personal space in a relationship: If you want a relationship to grow and turn in something beautiful over the years, give him his personal space. And in the same way don’t hesitate to ask for a breathing room when you need it.
  11. You don’t always have to go public in a relationship: Not all your friends, relatives and batch mates need to know about your relationship before it is strong enough to be celebrated. Keep your circle small and don’t flow around boasting about your relationship.
  12. Trust Him: The pillar of a relationship is trust. If you doubt him or don’t trust him completely there’s no meaning staying together. You need to be loyal and trust your partner for his loyalty.
  13. Accepting Flaws: Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone has something to learn and everybody makes mistake. Your partner may not be good at something but accept him the way he is. Inspire him, motivate him to do good but never discourage or hurt his feelings. If he does the same, he’s the right one.
  14. Break ups: The world doesn’t end with a break up. Don’t stop believing in love just because your first experience did not go well. Yes it hurts, but moving on and focusing on your career is the ultimate solution. You are ought to find someone who deserves you at some time in your life.
  15. Rejection Process: You had a crush on somebody. Likewise, there are people out there who have feelings for you. You cannot say yes to everyone but keep in mind to not hurt their feelings while saying a ‘NO’. You could reply as “I respect your feelings but it is a No because…” whatever the reason maybe. Don’t insult them, just say you are not ready for it or maybe you need to focus on your goals.
  16. You are unique and beautiful: God creates no junk. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Be confident and live who you are. Focus on your career goals; shape yourself and when you feel the dream guy is just around you don’t hesitate to follow your heart.

Love is a feeling everyone is blessed with. Just give time, and wait patiently you are ought to find your dream guy.


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