The greatest quality a person can possess is good character. It is perhaps confirming to this line of thinking that someone once said. “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost, but if character is lost, everything is lost”. One cannot acquire a good character by sitting idle. One has to work very hard for it. This hard work may enable us to get many small pleasures, learn from our mistake and train ourselves to discipline our wayward thoughts, actions and desires. Character building is a continuous process. It starts from the cradle and ends only when o0ne is dead. A good character can be defined as a combination of virtuous habits and principles of living. A society and a country are shaped by men and women of character. They are instrumental in building a nation. They are source of strength for people around them. History is full of people who acquired phenomenal strength of character because they were influenced by the strong character of people like parents and friends around them. Long after a person is dead, people keep him in their memories because of the inspiration, direction given by him to others. One should always keep a check on his or her character so in future no one can judge you in the form of wrong manner. It is characterized as an important part of life which is related to our day to day working life. Life has an another name which is character because when our character is good then only we survive without any hurdles and problems. We have seen problems in our life in different situations but we have to remember our characters in every aspect of life so that one cannot figure out to a people.


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