Gun shot

He pointed his gun towards me, and I placed him in front of my gunpoint.
I pleaded, for him to surrender, yet he wants me to have a battle.
My hands were shivering, but heart wanted to surrender. 
We heard the siren  of the jeep, 
We realize that we haven’t left with much time. He pointed his gun towards me but I…..
I shot him.
I  stood there complete froze, I wasn’t able to react, what the hell I did?
Gun falls down from my hand, my hands started shaking. She ran towards him 
Aryan! are you all right! Aryan? 
I was standing there still without any moment, he was gazing at me, his breath was breaking down slowly, but yet his gaze was on me, my body reacted it was a slight movement, I shivered, she was busy in shouting and we were staring each other, 
He closed his eyes but something within me too died. A tear escaped through my eyes. I took a few steps backward,  I bent down on my knees, he had a smile on his face and tears were rolling down through my eyes.
And at that very moment, I ask myself, why I did that? And the gun that he was holding on his left arm gave me the perfect reply.
But I still need an answer why didn’t he shot? 
 Could he have easily killed me just like he killed my father? 
He was the reason behind my identity.
He was the one who made me learn how to hold a gun, the one who felt proud when I shot for the first time, my complaint box, 
My secret keeper, he,….he was my mentor.
Why did he do this to me?
I was restless, it feels like my brain will blast because of questions, I couldn’t figure out how to react, I was sweating badly.
Then I diverted my gaze over him his smile oh! I couldn’t bear that, my heart was cursing me for this but at the same time my mind was praising me, this is it!
What you did is right, Medal of bravery is waiting for you, go, girl, your mission is over.
I killed somebody who was the reason behind holding this gun.
commanders entered into that flat he was dead but I was alive. They witnessed that sight, but what I felt was slightly different I died and he was still alive within me. They entered with a letter in their hands that was his death warrant. I didn’t hear what they said, I was busy at gazing at him. One of those commandos was a very good friend of mine, he sat down on his knees and handed me that letter.
As soon as I read that letter shiver ran down my spine, his court-martial orders, no… This can’t happen
Those medals will be taken off from him, which he considered as only treasury he had. 
That pride of being a soldier would be snatched from him. The only thing he craved for was tiranga wrapped over his body with honor on his deathbed.
I lost my faith over believe because he was the only one who developed faith in me.
I keep this thing aside and I utter with a smile 
I couldn’t let this happen.
He was in a state of shock, but this time my heart was pretty sure. 
He wasn’t just your mentor but mine too.
But it’s over.
No, it’s not…..
My heart still believes that he was innocent, and I need to give him a chance. 
I know everyone believed that he killed my dad, but I need a confession from him.
You killed him, Riya…
He is not your mentor anymore, he doesn’t have answers to your questions.
What if I didn’t, what if he is alive.
What do you mean he uttered?
I am sorry, I replied…..
He went near him, his pulse was still working, that very moment my friend realized that his teachings overpowered me and my anger died.
He took him from there, but yet he declared him as dead.
After a week he proved his innocence. that he wasn’t a traitor, until that time I was confined.
I wasn’t done with my hatred as he snatched my father, who used to be my lifeline.
It was the day when he needs to be honored, shaurya chakra was waiting for him and a bravery medal for me.
But he was standing in front of me.
I didn’t utter anything, as he knew what I was about to say.
I just wanted to leave but he made me stay.  He stated that it was my father who wanted him to be my mentor, 
I glared at him,  but still, I didn’t speak, as if I had nothing to say.
Why didn’t you killed me?
He  questions,
I wish I could have,
That’s what I replied, I was burning in anger, yet 
He smiled I wished you could have done that, because this hatred in your eyes, murders me each second passing by.
A droplet of tear escape through his eyes. But yet my hatred was so powerful that I wasn’t able to realize his pain.
I replied what you are doing here major shauraya chakra is waiting for you. finally, you received what you desired for, so please leave.
He smiled of course! I desired for a shaurya chakra but I used to believe that whenever I will be receiving it, you will be happier than me because it’s because of you only, I was able to survive.  
I proved my innocence,
You trusted me when nobody else did.
And that’s what I am regretting for,
I replied. 
Now let me leave, please give a side.
I didn’t kill your father, it was an accident because of which he died.
You shot him I shouted 
I didn’t he screamed,
Your dad was already murdered, I just tried to save him. He told me that he wanted to die from my bullet because he can’t be saved, that’s the ultimate truth.
Lie! I frowned,
You are manipulating things, just to hide your felt, you know what, I just wished I could have never chosen you as my mentor.
I left, as this was not enough, I encountered with her, she was his wife and she used to be one of the saviors of mine.
He didn’t kill your father, he was right. Oh! Please, not again I replied.
She smiled
Your father and your mentor were best friends, so they decided to work secretly on a mission as Pakistani agents, they were secret cops and you know what was  awarded to them against that, a letter that if they are caught then, then they won’t be Indian officers anymore, they will be solely responsible for their so-called duty. Indian government won’t have any association with them.
They agreed, things were smooth but unfortunately, destiny had its different plans, your dad got caught and you mentor rushed to save him, but your dad denied, they were so pretty close to their mission and they can’t afford to get it spoiled.
Next day five bombs were planted in India out of the four were defused, just because of your mentor and your dad. I agree  Your dad surrendered his life, but my dear even your mentor surrender his uniform, his medals, and his pride.
He shot him because it was the only option he had, if he could have surrendered then they both have been killed and millions of people could have died. Your dad doesn’t want that, that’s why he chose your mentor to complete the mission he trusted your mentor and your mentor trusted you.
I was blank, speechless as well.
I don’t know that you saved him or you tried to kill him. But let me tell you, that Aryan died that very moment when he shot your father.
It’s just your mentor who is alive please don’t kill him.
Silence prevailed for a moment,
I was unable to react. I ran towards the stage, my name was called out but he was nowhere to be found.
Oh! No, Do I lost him that fear struck my heart again.
Eyes were on me but my eyes were searching for him. I move towards the stage, I didn’t know it was luck, destiny or fate, he was holding that medal to facilitate me with it.
A smiled appear on my face, as if
I found something that was lost somewhere these days.
I wore that medal, claps were all around. He whispered my presence won’t be less than a curse for you
What if it is more than a blessing for me, I replied
I am sorry, you promised me to bear all my mistakes I believe that you will not disappoint me.
He remained silent, the ceremony was over he didn’t utter anything and I was dying to hear the words of forgiveness
I blocked his path, I wanted him to speak at least, he uttered
Congratulations, to you too
I replied looking directly into his eyes.
He took a few steps forward and finally he opens up, you were never less than a daughter for me, yet even more than that, my friend, my competitor, my secret keeper, my strength, my weakness and reason behind my fear too.
All these years I have tried to see a glimpse of me in you, I wanted you to be a better version of mine, and you proved it. So I must say I am blessed to you.
I was blank yet we moved
We visited our favorite place and sat there for hours, I had a lot to discuss, he had a lot to reveal
And that’s how we walk together on this long journey, that I wished could never complete.


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