Happiness ,the ultimate goal


Encounter with the wonders of life

Happiness is the ultimate goal of life .We all are living to be happy .We work hard ,we maintain good relations,we discover new things and even writing and reading good thoughts ,opinions,poems,qoutes, etc,to make ourself happy .But ,what we do to our life ,we make it more complicated and get stucked in it .Life is really simple ,do whatever is right at the right time . Believe “as we sow, so shall be reap”,and always do good to all ,if you will do good ,good will come around .There is no question of heart or mind in your life ,that your heart says this or that and your mind says this ,heart is only to pump blood and mind is only to think .You always know what is wrong and what is right , always stick to the truth ,that will make things more simple or you will complicate your life.There are good and bad times in life “good chapters give good memories and bad chapters give good lessons “good chapters are those which you are good memories of your life with friends , family, girlfriend or boyfriend and bad chapters are those which are bad haunting memories or experiences of your life ,these bad experience are really good lessons,they will teach you what you should not do and they will always guide you the best path you should choose in your life .”Only change is permanent and be flexible and open to change “always remember only change is permanent ,your opinions thoughts , desires,dreams, relationships and even you, everything will change with time that change could be good or bad but you have to be better everyday to become flexible and open to that change to keep yourself happy .“Snow ,wind,rain, summer,cold everything has its own flavour ,there is nothing like bad weather” so are the problems , happiness, solutions , everything gives a taste to life and only these things make us feel alive .After every sad day comes a glad day ,so always wait and work positively for that glad day . Being too much positive or too much negative botb are dangerous ,be balanced and take right decisions at the right time.Be happy , enjoy yourself and whatever you do ,give your hundred percent.


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