happy 18th birthday to me

So here we are engaged in our life way too much or not idk some of u are happy with u r life and some of  you are not living a life so here you listening to some life shi* from a  18 yr old yeah I am 18 bitc#es!!! That exclamation mark is supposed to show  that I am excited I DON’T  KNOW like I think I m supposed to be excited like people say you should be excited and that bitche#  proves that I am 18 (cause yeah people think that’s how 18 year old are)

So yeah I recently turned 18 and life is still the same like I think it’s the same ,Actually I know it’s the same ,See when you turn 18 here in India its like you get two big powers ,three if u are a girl ,Yup the marriage one idk if it counts  because most of them gets married before they turn 18  I think I forgot to tell u guys I am from haryana (don’t know about girls then there should be girls around you to know about  them) .

Yeah so back to the topic lets talk about the other  two powers which would be voting and  driving  so about voting I am writing this in 2019 sooo…. here in India we don’t actually have any options so that’s there plus about the driving thing I think I told I am from haryana so that’s all off of the list  so basically there are  no plus points of being 18

So yeah that’s it I hope u didn’t expect anything life changing from this article of u did then don’t expect anything from u r 18th birthday plus I am not supposed to care cause yeah I am 18 and teenagers don’t care I hope you know this .



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