HONOUR KILLING: India’s Cruel Reality



                                                     — ANN LANDERS


Recently, I read in the newspaper about two young lovers named, Reena and Shyam being killed near Haryana district. Another news piece was of, Shobha and Kuldeep being killed by their brothers have created quite a stir. The one similarity which you will hear in both the cases is Honour Killing. These are some of the few cases which have been reported, whereas there are bagful of cases which still remain and hidden in the Dark.

    Is there any ‘honour’ in honour killing?

Honour killing is basically a killing process being carried out in the name of honour and traditions. It is an old custom being followed all over the world by various groups and communities in order to save their honour. In this brutal act one of the member or members of the family are killed in the name of honour or bringing harm to the name of the family. 

If one is to define Honour killing, people and even women activists say that killing for your caste and community to reclaim your honour is known as ‘honour killing’. There is a wrong notion that only women are killed due to honour killing. Even men are killed by their family members to reclaim their honour if they marry someone outside their caste. There are various reasons which lead to honour killing by communities:

(i). Being dressed in a manner which is not acceptable by a group of people or community.

 (ii). When someone tries to marry a person of his/her choice and the parents are totally against it.

(iii). Sometimes, men or women don’t turn out to be faithful to their spouse and in order to find sexual pleasures they engage themselves in extra-marital affairs.

(iv). Having relations with the same sex also leads to such brutal crime.


I wonder how many young lives have been sacrificed in the name of honour? When we look at the matter closely we realize the intricate system of politicians panchayats and even policemen- those who are meant to serve us.

Lack of education plus years of ruling of panchayats have resulted in such a rigid mindset among people that they do not realize that it is their own people that they are killing and that too in the knowledge of policemens!!

It is necessary that people raise their voice against these atrocities as it is only people who have the power to make it or break it. People carrying out such practices should be penalized severely.

At the end, I would like to conclude that as everyone knows that India is a democratic country. If we have the right to speak, why can’t we have the right to decide our own life partner? We should always remember that,

                         “THERE IS NO HONOUR IN HONOUR KILLING”!


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