Hope Keeps You Moving

Everyone has a breaking point in their life. They break down in the middle of some day find themselves crying and feeling low. Sometimes, there is a definite reason and sometimes there is absolutely no reason at all for their break down. This is the hardest moment of life. People break down because of losing someone close, break up, work related issues, bullying, love and exams. All of these things keep pricking them in their heart and brain for days and months. When finally, they just break into tears after many days of escaping the issues they have been facing.


There is one little thing that keeps them moving in their lives each and every day. That one little thing is HOPE. Each and every one hopes about something positive and something more worthy than the current situation. As dark cannot reside forever, eventually brightness will take over the darkness. There is a little of good and better days in everyone’s life that makes them live through those hard days. Also, makes them cope up throughout their break down.

However, people who think there can be no better days must know that there will come days when you will be able to smile again and look at the bright side of life. You will see how happiness seems like after being in a bad position after endless days. Those days where life will be harsh but you will know how to survive in those days as you already a survivor.  And that is what hope is and it keeps you running in your life. As you know how to crawl when the floor is wet and you need to reach the other side.


When you are going through a tough break up and feel really low. There is one important thing that you must know. Love does not end there as there are so many other people who love you and care about you. Losing hope on love and thinking that life ends there is an incorrect option. There are plenty of people who love you and will always love you no matter how hard the situation will get.

The hope that drives you to live those bad days is the one that will keep you moving in life always. Do not ever lose hope and keep trying to get a better and a beautiful life for yourself. Smile and do not dig the past as it is gone and is gone for good.  


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