How are hobbies so important?

“All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy.”

As the quote says, without time off from work we will only get bored. That is why we need to take a break from work and do things we love doing Any activity that one does in their free time can be called a hobby. Hobbies can consist of anything like drawing, painting, knitting, reading, playing a musical instrument, playing a sport, etc. Having a hobby is important because a day without doing something you love you will feel unsatisfied. Also the way a person spend their time reflects some aspects of their personality. Hobbies not only help in passing our time but in many other ways.

  1. Hobbies reduce your boredom.

A lot of times we are so bored, and have nothing to do. At such times, we just mindlessly scroll through our social media feeds. But if we engage in a hobby, it helps us spend our time productively, doing something we love.

  1. Hobbies help you to socialize.

When you have a certain hobby, it makes you interesting as a person, especially if you’re good at it.  Also, you will become friends with people who have similar hobbies.  You’ll could enjoy sharing your ideas and thoughts on that hobby and even work together.

  1. Hobbies can turn into a business.

Once you’re good and confident about your hobby, you can start making money with your hobbies. Like selling some handmade projects, designing clothes, etc. In fact you can turn you’re hobby into a profession.

  1. Hobbies help reduce stress.

When we do something we enjoy doing and are passionate about it we will, we immerse ourselves totally into it, without realizing how time passes by. There by reducing the many stressors in our daily life.

  1. Hobbies will increase your knowledge.

When you develop a hobby, you are curious to know more about it. Thus, you are sure to have more knowledge about that hobby than an amateur.

  1. Hobbies will increase confidence.

When you know you can create or do something productive, it will increase your self-esteem, which makes you feel good, thus increasing confidence in yourself.

  1. Hobbies increases creativity.

Indulging in hobbies makes you think different and about new ways to do things. You can come up with different ideas, try different things which help you exercise your creativity.

  1. Hobbies are great for your resume.

Hobbies are great for resumes because it makes your profile look more interesting than others, which obviously benefits you and will give you a higher chance of getting recruited.

So, you can see the many benefits hobbies can do. Make sure you continue indulging in your hobbies, spending at least 30 minutes a day. Never mind, if you don’t have any hobby. In fact, keep trying new things, you might find something you enjoy doing.


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