How can You Make a difference in your society?

As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” It is as simple as that. If you change yourself, you will change the world around you. The actions you take will automatically change when you change the way you think, the way you feel and your environment will be a reflection of that. And it does not mean that this changes your true self. You will still be you with all your flaws, perfections, negativity, anger and all that makes who you are. But the outcome will be that which you strived for. 


I believe this to be an aim of almost every individual to see their surroundings as a better place than to what they were introduced to. Life gives us innumerable occasions to make a difference both at the societal as well as individual level. It is upto us that how we make the best of those moments and do not fail to achieve this noble purpose of human life. 


This is not a very big goal that can not be reached at or is difficult to reach. All we have to do is induce positive emotions in us towards others which again will be reflected back at us. All those contagious actions like feelings of love, kindness, satisfaction, joy, unity will bring the change around you. We need not try to be someone else, we just have to be our own selves and even a better version of ourself each and every day. Always take the first step. Newer hesitate to be the one who brings about a new idea or action into existence and try to make it happen. Be a leader or a good follower. Follow your own advice. If you think someone or something has the potential to make something positive happen then go ahead and approach that person or that thought. The more you are open to your own ideas the more open will be the people around you. 


Simple acts can have major impacts in the society. Feed the poor, educate small children who do not have access to it, never buy things you do not require or even listening to others with full concentration and not to reply but to understand well, respect others, be honest, learn to sympathise and empathise with others and never ever ignore anything wrong happening around your. Always be ready to face new challenges and never miss an opportunity that can make your society more positive, optimistic and a better place to live. 


We know for a fact that we all are just human beings made of flesh and blood. But we can do great things, even for a brief amount of time. Our actions are the future of our surroundings, they have the potential to reach beyond our mortal lives and do wonders. Even when we simply smile at someone it makes a huge impact. The difference does not only helps the person in need but also the one who provides it. We have always read about those great people in the history who made efforts to bring changes in the societies like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and many more. Be inspired by such people, boost up your inner self and start making a difference because if you have the motivation to do something you feel determined to do it. One surely reaches their destination if they put all their efforts and work with full enthusiasm and dedication.


We end with a statement that I believe everyone one should look up to and follow-

“To make a difference in this world I have to continue to help people, start making a difference in people’s lives, and make the world a better place one step at a time.”


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