Always Remember !!
When you are rejected by a recruiter or a hiring authority, they do not know your inner attributes.

The beautiful, talented person you are.

  • Do not let the words or actions of people affect the way you view yourself.
  • Never second guess your value and your self-worth.

If you are facing rejection then face it with courage, logic, and strategy.

The people who are rejecting you don’t really know you.

They may know 0.0001 % of who you are. Don’t take it personally ever.

Be confident and take it as a challenge as well as move on.

Be Wise and Practical !!

Let’s assume, you had Rs 86,400 in your account and someone stole Rs.10 from you. Would you be upset and throw the remaining amount Rs 86390 away at the person, who took yours Rs 10?

No! You would move on and live.


The same way we have 86,400 seconds each day.

Don’t let someone’s negative 10 seconds ruin the remaining 86,390 seconds of the day.

What you do would be your choice, but be wise and practical in your thought and action.

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