Trembling, shivering she was there
Tears rolling down her cheeks
Pale face, wrinkled hands
She looked timid and meek.
I went up to her walking few steps 
And touched her with utter love
She slowly lifted her head
Burst out once for all.
I let her cry for a while
The pain she felt was like a pile
On her narration, it struck me
That this was a painful but usual story
Abandoned by her son and family
She was asked to lead her life on her own
In those seventies where should she go?
She is left with no flesh no bone.
She held tight my hand, her hopeful eyes starring me
In these few minutes, she became too dear
After all, there is something called humanity
I determined to stand by her.
I took her to an old age home
Today she is a happy woman by her side
Now-n-then I go to greet her
Her blessing giver me a sense of pride.

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