I am not Practical.

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing fine. Because that is what everyone asks us right? But I am not fine. Many of us are mostly not fine. Don’t we get a splash of thoughts when we are asked by someone about our well being? Don’t we all come across many small tensions and worries that we cannot neglect and so, life goes on and we still say, I am fine, thank you!

One day I was just randomly asked by someone, “hey,  how are you?’ and I swear I took exact 5 minutes to reply, “yeah, I am good”, because I wasn’t fine. Rarely does it happen to me that I am not worried about something? And then there come a set of philosophies and suggestions that how I must be and how I must behave in order to be happy. I tell you, none of them helps. Because thinking and worrying is my character. I cannot overpower my own self at many places! And it’s not wrong. Being what you are is not wrong, because what matters at the end of the day is whether I am happy with myself or not, whether I took one more step in solving problems or not. And this is important, progress. Yes. You need to proceed no matter what happens. You need to proceed in some direction at least. You cannot stop ever, but the choice is yours, whether to climb up a right stair or just skipping and babbling around some under-constructed sites.

But then, we are never alone. Our decisions and choices are always affected by the people that surround us and give their ‘valuable suggestions’. And yes they call it, “practicality”. Isn’t good term it? Why be practical always? Is there any need to suffocate our choices and wants for the sake of others. And when I mention the term others, I mean that practicality is nothing but a kind of behavior you are expected to maintain for sake of people who you live with. Basically, it’s society for me. And as I am growing I have started losing more faith in others opinions. Not that I do not respect an individual, putting forward one’s view is very important, but making someone forcefully believe in your ideas/thoughts is completely wrong. Everyone’s got their own choices. And you are no one to judge it because you never did something so useful as to make that fellow being believe that he/she is wrong.

Being practical is what is expected. I have seen it’s not always useful. It’s useful to the extent where the decision maker thinks it is. Otherwise, it isn’t. We are allowed to make bad choices and fall, miserably. That is how we learn. Let the bad come in your way without you ever thinking of it. You are going to have a wonderful experience. There are ‘roads not taken’, and they end in beautiful destinations. Our paths might be less accepted and more criticized, but at least they are ours. Once we see the results, we can blame ourselves. But can never live with the pain of ‘not taking’ that road.

But alas! We live in a society where a particular kind of behavior is expected. We ourselves have created mindsets where things are already put in different slots, either right or wrong. And then we come across times where decision making or making a correct choice seems very very important and we fall prey to practicality. It’s not that taking suggestions and listening to people is wrong, but giving things the name of a practical behavior is wrong. Why do we have to talk about society, relatives, reputation etc? Why not we let people live according to the way they want and we mind our own business? It’s our life and that’s there, we do not share!

I think being practical is more appropriate when we ourselves define that term for us. And not walk on the paths that others have made. But then what I wrote till now is my point, and not yours. You got your own, and you need to be practical.


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    jUJvpb It as nearly impossible to find well-informed people about this subject, but you sound like you know what you are talking about! Thanks


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