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Yet again a lot of dreams will have to wait for their realization. I am getting many messages and phone calls from students asking for help and some words of advice.

There was one thing common in all of these requests that came my way… in almost all the cases the student writing the message was in so much stress and in de-motivated state that the negativity in the sentences were at its peak.
I know how it feels like when you fail…… People around you stop believing in you and eventually you yourself stop believing……

The reason why I am writing this article is to let this student and all others know something… something that can change their life and help them witness their dream of become a Chartered Accountant become a reality in front of their own eyes. Today I am going to talk about the power of “I AM”.

# *I AM*

I truly and firmly believe in the power of words. Just like old ‘mantras’ in Hinduism that has the power to transform one’s life by its sounds effect on body and mind and raise a person from ordinary to higher levels of consciousness

“I am” are the 2 most powerful set of words one can ever come across as far as having an impact on a human life is concerned. Remember – whatever you add after these 2 power words “I am” begins to manifest itself in your life. It is like giving an invitation to the keyword that you add after “I am”. It’s an invitation to be a part of your life.

The most important factor that plays a key role in shaping your life is ‘mindset’. What you truly believe and accept as true at the subconscious level and your mindset begins with two words..’ I AM’. On our daily life we don’t realize that we all are engaged in self affirmation. Affirmations can be positive like I AM successful and negative like I Am failure. Failure is not a actual failure in fact failure is the first step to reach success like now a days when students fail once in their life and they start repeating I Am failure and by this they don’t even realize that when they add up those negative words to their I Am they eventually open the door and give permission to these negative vibes to become a part of their life.
As Albert Einstein once remarked “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Students screw their mindset with negative I AM and then expect a positive result.

Now, the question raise” WHY”
Why we want to achieve that goal in our life. If our mind is not clear about our goals then we can not achieve better in our life and that’s why “WHY is so important” to start our career.

Now Motivation.. What motivates you as motivation is something that drives you, it’s a force that keeps you going and energized while you pursue your dream. So, do not feel less motivated and if you feel sometimes then just close your eyes and use your I AM with positive words to motivate yourself like “I AM Lawyer, Teacher, Journalist etc. ” and be what you want in your life.


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