I like criticism! It makes you strong.

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Every long lasting thing has a strong foundation or base. And I very strongly believe that criticism is what makes you strong and capable to be the best version of yourself. A true friend is someone who criticises you when you do something wrong. They do this because they can see that you have capabilities to do better, to do something more accurately. Your parents, family, friends, teacher, coach, employer, significant other and every person you are in contact with will criticise you at sime point in your life and for something you don’t even expect them to. It is always easy to compliment someone and take compliments from someone but a right person will also know how to criticize someone and how to bear criticism. Most people do not understand and take criticism positively and get offended. But only if people learn to acknowledge it will they get to know how much better you can become if you emphasize on your weaknesses and the reasons for criticism. Criticism hurts and it is usually hard to bear. Some people can even fall apart but we need to know the advantages of criticism are also unique in many ways. One should never take it to a personal level where it can mess with your head. I believe criticism is someone’s way to tell you something they only want to tell you because they feel you can do better. No one will want to waste their energy on you for a useless purpose. They want you to grab something out of it. It is always important to make out whether the criticism is positive or negative. A person who wants you to actually improve will follow the path of positive criticism while a person who wants to demoralise you and hurt you is making use of negative criticism. You can use your conscience to make out which one you are facing. Be mature, differentiate between the two and make the best out of it.


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