I saw her wither away


I saw the light, dying inside her eyes,
The crimson click in her peeks,
I saw it all fade away,
Just like the ocean waves fade away from the shore,
I saw her spirit lift up from her body,
Seeming like a crystal ball,
Or perhaps the prettiest snowflake,
Shrinking as it rose higher and higher,
Seemed as if life was being sucked out of it,
Rising, shrinking, shining,
It finally burst into a million little pieces,
All over the place,
Just like confetti or a snowfall,
And for a moment it seemed like Wonderland,
Just as pretty as her soul,
And I go back a few days in my head,

Flashbacks running across my eyes,

I stumble over the places,

I’ve been to with her,

I hear her laughter echoing,

Right in the back of my head,

I just wished I could hear it once more,

And as my eyes laid upon her face,
It seemed cold but content,
It seemed pale but the most beautiful pale,
My eyes longed to see,
Those lips turn into a smile,
My ears longed to hear,
Those giggles she made,
And my lips longed to tell her,
That I…! But perhaps,
If only she could listen.


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