You’d always cursed my existence
Thought me weak and fragile,
To keep me imprisoned,doing the house chores harsh or cruel
But still like phoenix ,I’ll rise.

Does my power upset you?
Why are you dejected?
‘Cause I rise like I was meant to
Craving since eternity.

Like the constant day and night,
Polar star n darkness behind,
Still like the bird of ashes ,I will rise.

Do you want to see me broken?
Lost hopes and tearful eyes?
Bowed head and shattered dreams.
Weakened by the bars of time.

Does my wittiness upset you?
Don’t you take it way too hard
‘Cause I laugh at my own self
Still I have to travel so far.

You may cut me down with your words,
Or see me as a curse,
You may want to kill me instantly,
But still like a warm wind, I’ll rise.

Do my achievements upset you?
Does it come to you as a surprise
That I am equal to 10 sons
That has waited all this while?

Out of nature’s pride
I rise
Up from a dreadful past that’s set in gloom 
I rise
I’m the deepest sea ,leaping and roaring
Leaving behind the pieces of grey
I rise
I rise
I rise.



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