I wish I was a superhero

I wish I was a superhero
and not a zero
like Superman who can fly
and villains to tie

like spiderman
who jumps on walls
of buildings tall

like batmat who is a bat
and robin his friend to chat
batwoman is also there
who gives you goose bumps when she stares

Tarzan who lives in the forest
is the best
who hangs on trees
to move around for free

Father of the lion king
who can sing
to call his son simbha
back to the lion’s ring

Catwoman and moghly
will not make you feel lonely
moghly’ friends are animals
who help the half naked mammal

He-man who defeats skeleton
in the end
superhero’s are here to stay
and keep your stress and anxiety at bay

superheroes are just creative fiction
just an image in the diction
whereas we are a human race
not to try acts of superhero’s pace

and maintain our grace
in life’s chase
without being influenced
by their craze

by Anu


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