I am not sexy, I am cute


Why should I stay and pray for whatever I deserve,
you can’t reserve
You got more issues, you got more work,
you got nothing in your heart to serve
To serve love, I know you never gonna call, never gonna say stay,
You never gonna show it because you never had it
life is silly hey! I fell for you that day when you said
You never gonna judge me, You gonna love me the way I am
but why I have to fight with ignorance, you said its just distance
let’s make things fast, I want it all slow…
We did it but your love still not shown, I cried I tried
everything, but I am not happy its frustrating down to the core
Why we cannot feel love whenever we hold hands,
Why you always lie and swear on your mother,
Why you don’t share, tell me why don’t you remember
Tell me why you deleted our pictures, they meant a lot to me…
Why you are not interested in me when I gave you my everything
Tell me why you don’t remember whatever I wrote for you,
you must have thrown it away like rose petals I gave you
Tell me why should I stay, for all the calls you did not answer,
of all messages, you only replied to the last one
Tell me who is important to you
I made you my priority when are you gonna make it too
Tell me what can I do… Should I send you more pictures,
our pictures, my pictures, our chat but you gonna delete them like it meant nothing
Like it meant nothing to you Like my efforts meant nothing to you…
what do you want? are you a materialistic person? I gave you my words,
my body, I am sorry I am not rich enough to give you all whatever you want
Tell me why I should stay
when you don’t even know I am not sexy I am cute…
I am not just body, I am a body with emotions wrapped in a soul


One thought on “I am not sexy, I am cute

  1. 😊 says:

    always remember u r a pearl of a deep ocean .⚪.
    only a great swimmer can open up ur shell that owe u a great smile .

    till make ur pearl(soul) happy nd tougher ur shell(body) .


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