If Life was a Movie

Have you been lost before?

maybe yesterday, maybe today.

Have you tried on being someone else?

maybe yesterday, maybe today.

Have you taken a leap so high that you felt like touching the sky?

maybe yesterday, maybe today.

Have you given up on things in the past?

maybe yesterday, maybe today.

Before you go please tell me something about you,

which will stay.

Something I can keep within myself,

from yesterday, which I cherish today, and won’t turn into grey.

Which lasts

Maybe a bit longer than just forever.

“I can’t take it anymore!” he said to himself.

“This life. Toxic people, ruined expectations, false hopes. How people become so selfish? ” he continued.

“Sir. It’s 11:00 pm. The station is about to close. Will you board the train? That will be the last one of the day.”

“I’ll leave maybe,” he said.

Walking down the parking lane. He saw a bunch of teenagers sitting and talking.

“I loved this place. I had the best of times with my friends here.” He said to himself.

Smiling he continued his walk.

“There it is. Our first date spot. The library.” he said recalling it.

“I guess it was this place where I met her. The book she was issuing was my favorite. That’s when her name which the librarian spelled out became the best word I’ve heard. I don’t know what I liked about her name. It was just as if letters were just perfectly placed. I wish I could relive it all.” he said with a deep sigh.

*Banner flashing* city boy made his parents proud.

“I wish I did the same,” he said to himself.

“They had high expectations from me always. They did their best. They still do. I’m the one that doesn’t try hard I guess.” he said.

“I remember dad showing me topper’s picture in daily newspaper whenever some examination’s result was declared. Those days it all felt like so easy. Now I feel like just fading away to those expectations. I wish I was better.” he said looking at the banner.

“This is my favorite place,” he said looking at a restaurant.

” I guess that’s when I felt family was complete. Like we had dinners and parties here always.” he was talking to himself when he was interrupted.

“OH! how are you here?” said the man.

“I was just passing by,” I said with a smile.

“Do visit us sometimes.” the man said and went inside the restaurant.

“He is the owner. I liked his attitude towards life.”I said.

*Phone rings*

“Where are you? You left without saying anything?” the voice said.

“I’ll be back soon.” he hung up the phone.

“Mom! Please buy me Ice cream. “said a small boy.

“No! it’s really late son. The morning I’ll buy you an ice cream.” his mom said.

“Moms. They are I guess everyone’s support systems. For me, I always had a special bond with her. When in school she would wake up in the morning to make tiffin for me. None of my friends brought tiffins so I felt awkward. But now I feel so proud and sad at the same time. Proud because I had such an amazing person to be within my life. Sad because I couldn’t be a good son I guess. I made her cry at times. Didn’t pick her calls. And never worked to fulfil her complaints.” He said with a small drop of a tear falling from his eye.

*Horn blowing*

“Oh sh..” before he could do anything he was hit by a car.

“Where am I?” he said.

“In forever my son.” said a voice.

“Wait for what?!” he said in shock.

“Yes!” the voice said.

*memories coming as slides in front of him*

“Brother I love you.” said a small boy.

“Hey we are so proud of you.” said a group of friends.

“I knew you will do it.” said a girl.

*everything blackens*

“Son, you didn’t get through. You failed.” said dad’s voice.

“You never listen to us!” said his mom.

“Will you leave us?” said his brother.

“I hate you!” said a girl.

He was in tears.

“Why am I seeing this? All of this! It just makes me sad.” he said crying.

“You are dying son.” said a voice.

“No! I can’t,” he said in a loud voice.

“Why?!” the voice asked.”You only said, you wanted to give up.” the voice continued.

“No. I want to go back. I want to do something for ones I love.” he said crying.

“Give me a reason and I’ll let you live.” the voice said.

“Reason? I’ll give you millions of them. Throughout my life I was a mediocre. People had such high expectations but I never fulfilled them. I tried but couldn’t do it. I..”he was stammering.” ” I want to try for my father. Because he worked all his life to give me a better life. I can’t see his sorry face. His voice when he said

‘you didn’t make it’.” *sobbing*.” I want to make him feel good. I want to. For my mom who woke up every morning just to make tiffin for me. For making her feel good about her son. She held me for 9 months. I can’t give up right now. For my brother. Who was the best thing that happened in my life. Because I want to be a role model for him and everyone else. I want to make my friends proud who stood by me when I was done with life. I want to do something for people who think they are weak and couldn’t make it. I want to be their role model. I always wanted to be a hero.” he took a deep breath.

“I want to be a real-life hero for everyone who has ever been on my side,” he said wiping his tears.

“Wish granted. you can go back to live!.” a voice said.

*Beep beep* hospital ward.

He sees faint lines of people standing near him.

“He is moving.” he hears mom’s voice.

“Wher…where am I?” he said with an effort.

“In hospital ward. You’ve in come for 6 hours asshole!” said his friend in crying voice.

“What? 6 hours!” he said trying to get up but the pain is unbearable.

“Are you okay?” said his dad.

He holds his parent’s hands.

“I love you guys so much. I’ve never missed you this much before,” he said.

Mom starts crying. Dad smiled.

“I’ll be a better son,” he said.

“And?” his friends said.

“And!” his brother said as well.

“A better brother, friend and a better person,” he said crying.

I know you’ll try,

I know you’re weak inside,

I see you in those tiresome eyes,

Like there’s a place for you to hide.

Pick yourself up,

From bits and pieces,

you never know what’s your last moment,

make it worth it forget those clichés.

Promise me you’ll try,

Because I see  a forever,

Inside those eyes,

A forever when you hide your smile.


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