Importance of “ME”

Finding the title weird, self-obsessed huh? Well, just an introductory off the topic question – What would have Iron Man done if he hadn’t known “The Tony Stark”?

Probably, still lurking around those eerie caves I guess or dead, who knows! Moral of this “silly but pretends to be deep” question- It is so significant to know yourself, to know your talents and realize where your happiness lies.
We often ignore the person in our daily life who needs care and attention like any other person does. That ignored person is our own self. Talk about regret, which so exceedingly runs in our veins for an excessive number of things, that concern never crossed our minds when we waved bye-bye from our own lives. We rely upon our pleasures, decisions and as a matter of fact our whole 365xThe number of years we lived (quick math) days on other people. Their opinions become our safeguarded treasures and they become the source of our happiness.
Why do we seek approval in eyes of people whom we rarely meet and not our conscious who remains by our side 24×7? How come it becomes important to get that approved tag stuck on our faces for a happy living? While standing in line for that tag, waiting, we lose ourselves while molding our habits and hobbies. 
Well, a great sage made a prophecy in learned words- “It is not permanence that people will seek, temporary ties and interim joys”. If there is an external source on which we are dependent for our satisfaction and fulfillment, then stability could never be achieved. Our meaning of life will lie on that weak thread connecting our soul to that source. Somehow if this thread breaks, we lose the meaning and motivation of our life.
Hence it becomes important to replace that thread with a modern Bluetooth set connecting our mind, heart, body, and soul. It’s important we discover ourselves, our hobbies, things we like, things we hate. Also, okay not to be in the crowd every time. Completely fine sometimes to take a detox and walk alone amidst the vibrant nature, sipping whatever drink we like and listening to our sweet and bitter thoughts and opinions. Seems so nice to be at peace with own self. 
Time where we need not curb our emotions and hide what we believe in is precious. Confidence in knowing that we have a friend beside us always no matter what happens can take us through any situation. Even when the situation is worse than not having internet access for a day :p. 
That strength, privileged position of a special friend should be given to ourselves. The Master of Introspection Society declares in their recent public gathering, it’s high time we find our mysterious selves. People who wander alone are just souls doing soul searching, they are not lost. Family and friends are an integral (calculus hit us all hard with that word) part of our life and so is our active existence. To have a clear mind and to know our skills, we need to spend some time alone. 
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When we are aware of our self as a whole, the personality glows and self-confidence increases. When we are happy inside, we can keep people we love happy. It’s about inner satisfaction. It helps clarify our vision and defogs the path leading to our goals. That is how a successful person grows.
Anukriti Garg

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